How To Get Free Stuff, Where To Find Freebies

Who doesn’t want to get cheap deals, discounts or free offers? Not too many people!

Don’t we all love freebies? I certainly do, and they can save you a lot of money as well. In fact, you can find freebies in all areas of your life, but you do need to know where to look!

free stuff, freebies

How To Get Free Stuff, Where To Find Freebies

I usually use a combination of methods for finding the best freebies around, and all the ones below do work. Try these for size:

1. Look out for free samples whenever you are out shopping.
Whenever a new product is released, the manufacturer generally produces small free samples so you can try the product for free before deciding whether to buy it or not. Watch out for the samples; sometimes these packets are sitting by the entry way of the store or you might come across them while you’re window shopping.

2. Look for ‘buy one get one free’ offers.
This type of offer does require that you buy something, but sometimes, I see offers for things I would have bought anyway. Food offers are good for this: I might see two loaves of bread for the price of one, so I get my next loaf free of charge. It still qualifies as a freebie in my eyes if I would have bought it anyway. Just make sure you don’t buy things for the sake of picking up the freebie. An even better offer? How about the ones where kids eat free at some restaurants?

3. Explore the freebie websites online for the latest in free offers.
There are a lot of these websites around and they can introduce you to loads of offers you wouldn’t have found otherwise. These sites make it much easier for me to find free stuff. When I find a good new site, I bookmark it and revisit it often to see what’s new. While I’m talking about deals and retail sites here, you can also enjoy a lot of free services online from technology sites.

For instance, in the area of finance and productivity, there are free online calendars available, free online stock trading offers and free services that can help you manage and organize your life better.

4. Sign up for a free online newsletter that sends you notifications of freebies.
I check my emails on a daily basis so it makes sense for me to sign up for some of these newsletters. Most sites send them at least weekly while others send them each day, with the latest freebie offers in them. Find one that is available in your country, subscribe to it, and check your email regularly. A few newsletters like this have introduced me to numerous great no-cost items I would never have found otherwise.

5. Keep an eye on the TV, radio and newspapers for free offers.
I often watch TV and read the paper, and I always keep my eye out for free offers. Sometimes, I might have to pay the postage fee to get something, but if the value of the item far outweighs that token payment, then it makes it worth getting.

I find that looking for freebies does take a little bit of time but I do get plenty in return for that time. Once I put together my list of sites and newsletters and subscribed to each one, I was able to search for free items in a much more organized way, and I managed to cut down on the amount of time I spent on this effort. I still look for new sources for freebies every now and then, but for the most part, I know where to look and how to get the best freebies around.

So why not try it yourself? There is no sense in paying for everything if you can get some things for free, even if it takes a little time. I enjoy getting free samples, even if they’re in little containers!

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