On Root Canals, FHA Loans and Extreme Frugality

The day has been long but let me cap it with these posts that I got a chance to cover as I made my way through the blogosphere for my weekly fix of personal finance:

Stop Buying Crap: Find out how to shop for a credit card during a time of tight credit. How are you handling the need for credit at this time? Bottom line: stick with good credit card issuers and be aware of changes going on in the credit card industry.

Wise Bread: When the economy forces us to become tight with our money, many of us become resourceful about how we spend. But then there are others who get downright creative about being frugal. Check out the world of extreme saving.

Frugal Dad: This guest post by The Wealth Pilgrim is highly interesting — it’s on root canals and what he learned from the experience of going through one. The article is lengthy and full of lessons.

One Mint: Manshu discusses a fairly technical subject in the article: Mortgage Loans, Rates and FHA Loans. He reports on the status of the housing sector and discusses the issues that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is experiencing of late.

Gather Little By Little: How are Christians affected by the Black Market? There are ethical dilemmas we often face, both financially and economically; how do (and should) Christians respond to such issues?

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