Ready For An Emergency? Preparing For A Big Storm

A storm is a-coming here in Northern California and will soon be beating down over the place where I live and work. The skies are gray and darkening already. This is supposedly the first big storm we’re seeing in a while (or at least, this early in the fall season), so we’re a bit excited about it. Right now, we’re getting ready for a huge wind system and we expect to be out of power during this event.

ready for an emergency, storm

With all the storms, typhoons and hurricanes pounding the rest of the world lately, it sure feels like the El Nino is out and about this year. It’s somewhat of a welcome thing here for us in the SF Bay Area, given that we’ve been threatened by drought for a while now, plus things have been so dry that the threat of wildfire was always a big concern each year when summer rolled around.

This time, we’re getting the candles, matches, lamps, and firelogs in place and battening down the hatches.

The good thing about weather systems is that we can see things coming, and we all do what we can to prepare for the disruption that nature causes in our lives for a brief period of time. This got me thinking about how we view our financial situation. There’s some analogy here that I can see: many times, we can see many warning signs that point to our financial lives becoming upturned due to certain circumstances and events. We see these signals that indicate that something big and unpleasant is coming, yet how many of us are really doing anything about it?

I guess this is when some of us (including myself) would preach about just how handy our emergency funds can be. This talk also reminds me that I have to get back to paying for California Earthquake insurance. Times like this encourages me to start making sure we’re prepared for a potentially large disaster — whether it be natural, financial or both.

So how about you — how prepared are you for any kind of emergency? Do you have enough bucks to tide you over in case something unexpected strikes? The big question here is just how ready we are for anything.

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