Foreign ETFs, Multiple Income Streams, Successful Investing

My DSL was down for a while and I couldn’t believe just how much something like that would affect me. You know you live online when you panic as soon as the internet connection is down. I really need to get more of a life now, don’t I?

But before long, our connection was restored so here I am with another batch of financial articles for your reading pleasure. With order restored and my routine reestablished, life is good again.

Personal Finance Articles

Investing Toolkit: Why do some people succeed at investing while others have such a hard time hanging on to positive returns? Here’s an article that tells us what it takes to become a successful stock investor. It’s a good idea to try a little bit of self-reflection to find out if you’re on track with your investment plan.

One Mint: Manshu has been preparing a lot of ETF lists, which you’ll find handily posted on his site. His India ETF List covers some interesting foreign ETFs you may want to own to diversify your investment portfolio!

Len Penzo: Want to know how to make your income stretch further? Then read these tips from Len on how to do it. Len dishes out some funny frugal advice from which kind of car to purchase all the way to what to do about your home and mortgage. He also describes what a “financial jellyfish” means. 😉

The Money Maniac: I like finding ways to increase one’s income, so I’d like to present an idea called the “3 way income strategy”. Sherin discusses how he plans to achieve a 3 way income stream by way of his main job, a second part-time job (such as blogging) and through investments.

How To Fix: Have you ever been annoyed by a squeaky door? This sort of thing drives me batty! Well you no longer have to fret over this: forget about the lubricant, maybe you simply need to tighten the hinges on your door! Check out this post on how to fix a squeaking door to get the full scoop on what to do.

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4 thoughts on “Foreign ETFs, Multiple Income Streams, Successful Investing”

  1. Thanks for the mention, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

    Re: Panic attacks when losing DSL…

    I get the same way when my satellite feed disappears – the mere spectre of missing an episode of House Hunters is just too much for me to bear. 😉

    My $0.02 (after taxes),

    Len Penzo dot Com

  2. Lol, Len. You’re worried about “House Hunters”? Heh, I used to watch back to back episodes of that show — I love HGTV! But I would have a major anxiety attack if I miss any “Big Brother” episode. Man, this season — it’s HOT!

  3. Funny how different things effect different people. Its nice to have a phone with an internet connection just so that if anything happens to the regular internet, at least you are still connected.

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