Should You Buy An Existing Blog (As An Online Business)?

You don’t have to look that far online to find companies offering to sell you a pre-made niche blog. You can literally whip out your credit card and be the proud owner of a niche blog just a few seconds later.

But is this the right way to invest in this kind of website, or would you be better off taking the time to create something yourself?

Here are some pros and cons to consider when investing in an existing blog:

1. It is ready made and ready to go.
2. For one easy payment you are the owner of a niche blog.
3. You can take advantage of the knowledge someone else already has.

1. You won’t learn as much with a working blog (especially technical matters).
2. Your options are limited to what is available for sale at the moment.
3. You may have transitional issues with the built in audience of the blog.

Here are a few pros and cons of creating your own niche blog:

1. You will be able to work in the specific niche that interests you.
2. You can create your own content and make the blog just as you want it.
3. You can be sure about having a totally unique and individual niche blog since you have full control of the blog from the very beginning.

1. It is likely to take a lot longer to build out the blog.
2. It takes a lot of work to build traffic from scratch.
3. You’ll have to find all the resources needed to create your blog.

So which way should you go? You decide!

As you can see, there is a lot to think about in this situation. The right decision for one person may not necessarily be the right decision for you. It all depends on your own personal viewpoint, how quickly you want to build a niche blog and whether you are prepared to pay to get one faster than you would otherwise.

There is no doubt that if you go about it yourself, you will spend less money and come out of it knowing a lot more than when you went in. However you may find yourself stalled at some point and unable to continue. If you procrastinate, you may never get the blog finished at all! This isn’t good news if you are intending to make money from it.

The thinking behind paying for a ready made one is that you will have your blog up and running and able to take money far faster than if you had to start from nothing on your own. You can save time if you buy a blog that’s already established. Perhaps you’ll be able to focus on increasing your income from this blog rather than creating material for it. You would also hope that the previous owner of the blog you are buying knows enough to pick a sure fire winning subject. And hopefully, within a few months, you can make back the money you spent on it in the first place. Read more about how to earn money with a blog here.

But of course, there is no hard and fast guarantee that this will happen. What’s more, you won’t have the satisfaction of being able to say, ‘I made that!’ This is something you can only say if you put together your own niche blog.

So think about the pros and cons carefully before you make your final decision on whether to buy a blog (whether it’s with a credit card or by any other means) or to go it alone. It’s a decision that I would liken to buying an existing business vs creating one from scratch — except that with an online business, things may tend to be a lot more affordable.

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  1. While it isn’t really discussed in this post, I wouldn’t recommend that someone without some web skills or interest purchase a turnkey site. Getting your hands dirty is the best way to learn the technical aspects of being a webpreneur. Just as you wouldn’t buy an existing pizza shop without having at least a little background in the restaurant business. Despite what the “get rich quick on the internet” crowd might have novices believe – it’s actually a good idea to have some technical know how before purchasing an existing web business. Thanks for the article.

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