No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card from Discover More

If you’d like to reduce the impact of your credit cards’ interest rates, you should look at the Discover More Card with No Balance Transfer Fee offer. In addition to having no balance transfer fee, this card has terrific introductory rates and rewards in the form of cash back benefits.

No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card from Discover More

Discover® More Card - No Balance Transfer Fee

Typically, many credit cards with balance transfer offers have transaction fees that cost 5% of the amount being transferred. So if you were moving a balance of $5,000, you’d pay $250. This particular Discover More Card gives you the chance to save quite a bit of money in transaction fees during the no balance transfer fee offer’s duration.

Besides this money-saving offer, you’ll find the introductory rates are a good deal. These introductory rates are 0% for 12 months for both balance transfers and purchases. After that, your regular rates begin. These regular rates are at par with average APR rates you’ll find with other cards.

Now there’s a little bit of a catch: this card is only being offered until February 28, so don’t procrastinate if you want to save some money and you’re hunting for a 0% balance transfer credit card. Once you’re a cardmember, you have until March 10, 2011 to make balance transfers without getting charged. And you’ll be glad to know that there is no annual fee for this card.

Enjoy Discover Cash Back Rewards

Another component to this Discover More Card involves the cash back rewards you can receive. You can sign up for programs to earn 5% cash back in various spending categories that vary throughout the year. Through March, the categories where you can earn 5% cash back are in restaurants and travel.

Later on in the year, the categories will be grocery and drugstores, followed by fashion and home. You’ll be able to sign up for categories like gas and hotels, too. The easiest way to sign up for these programs is to head to the Discover site and find out where you can enroll to receive these rewards.

The rest of your purchases will also earn cash back. For your first $3,000 spent annually, you’ll earn .25% in cash rewards. After you’ve spent $3,000, you’ll earn up to an unlimited 1% in cash.

If you’d like to compare credit cards, check out these cash back credit cards for more options.

Go Online Shopping At ShopDiscover To Earn More Cash Back!

ShopDiscover is a destination you should keep in mind when shopping on the internet. That’s due to the 5% to 20% cash back you can earn from the program’s offerings. You can find offers from Carnival Cruises, Dell, Overstock, and a variety of others. Be aware that Discover may add on more partners and deals to their affiliate list, so don’t overlook ShopDiscover as a great source of additional credit card rewards.

When you want to redeem for cash back, you can pick from several options. Of course, you can redeem for cash starting at $50. There’s also the choice of gift cards, merchandise, and donations to charity.

Under most circumstances, you aren’t in danger of having these rewards expire. But if you don’t make your payments for two months in a row, if you keep your account inactive for 18 months, or you close your account, then you could very well lose your rewards.

As for transaction fees, you’ll pay 2% of the transaction amount for foreign transactions. Take note that when the balance transfer introductory offer ends, you’ll pay transaction fees of either $10 or 5% of the transaction amount, whichever is higher.

It’s best to avoid cash advances on credit cards in general — the interest rates on them tend to be on the high side. Also, you’ll end up paying either 5% of the transaction amount or $10, whichever is higher, for your cash advance transaction fee.

There are several designs you can pick out for this card. It doesn’t cost extra to add someone to your account, either. Other benefits for Discover Card members include a $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee, travel assistance, and online account management. Need to know your balance on the go? Drop by the mobile version of Discover’s website.

Moving your existing credit card balances onto a card with a better rate doesn’t take a lot of effort. Transferring your balances also has the potential to save you some money immediately and over the life of your balance. So check out the Discover More Card with No Balance Transfer Fee offer to find out if this is a card you can use.

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