Dealing With Job Redundancy and Job Cuts: Stay Positive

There are a couple of words that keep cropping up again and again during economic and financial downtrends. Those words are “job redundancy” and “job cuts”. Hopefully it hasn’t applied to you personally or to anyone you know. But the fact of the matter is that this has probably already happened to you or someone you know. Lots of companies are shedding workers in an attempt to stay afloat through the rough times. It might be a fact of life and of business, but it’s not any easier to cope with when it hits home.

So what do you do when you are the one facing redundancy? You may have read about the idea of positive thinking and how it can help in many areas of your life. But can it make your situation easier to handle?

Tip 1: Look at the positives instead of the negatives.
When something goes wrong, it is easy to start focusing on matters that are unproductive and distracting. Maybe you won’t get another job at all. Maybe you’re not employable. Maybe you won’t be able to pay the mortgage. Maybe you could be out on the street.

Can you see where this is going? You’ll end up in a spiral of despair and other people will notice that. And when I refer to “other people”, I am also referring to the people who could be interviewing you for other potential job positions. There may be a shortage of jobs at the moment but there are jobs out there. The more you can do to put yourself firmly in the running for them, the better.

So in this sense, a positive attitude really does help you to focus on improving your options for the future. If you go into a job interview with a defeatist attitude, it would be a miracle if you actually get the job. But with a positive attitude, you can improve your chances before you even get to show the hiring managers your resume.

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Tip 2: Stay determined. Determination and positive thinking go hand in hand.
Some people just don’t give up, whatever happens to them. They may get days when they feel a bit low but other than that, they seem to be able to “roll with the punches” and they just keep going.

You can bet that determination is working alongside their positive thinking in this situation. Can you imagine being able to think positively like this all the time? Job cuts are incredibly hard to face, especially if you don’t see them coming. But take the time to sit and evaluate your situation so you can find the positives in it. In many cases, a job layoff leads to a better situation eventually –- even if it doesn’t seem like a good thing at first.

I’m not trivializing the pain of losing a job, of course. Nobody wants to be in this situation and there isn’t anything easy about it. But I am saying that positive thinking can help you to get into a frame of mind that allows you to think clearly and to work towards making a positive change in your life and possibly, your career.

I hope you’re not touched by job redundancy or job loss at any point in your life. But if you are, remember these words and see if a clear head and a determined attitude can help you to turn the corner.

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