IM Report Card: Earn While You Learn About Work-At-Home Opportunities

As a WAHM, I’m always looking for new work at home opportunities. It’s almost like an addiction to find the latest ways to earn extra cash. Even when you’re busy, you find yourself briefly perusing the possibilities. The greatest concern is figuring out which ones are scams and which ones might be worth a few extra minutes of your time. IM Report Card is a reliable way to find and sift through the endless resources on the Internet today.

IM Report Card: Reviews of Work-At-Home Opportunities

First things first: What is IM Report Card? Well “IM” stands for “Internet Marketing”. It is a site that aims to review every single internet marketing and online business opportunity out there. It sounds like a good source of information for people who aspire to make money online. You can make a bit of money by promoting certain products and services online, but how do you know which ones are on the up and up?

When you first enter the world of online marketing, it’s overwhelming. Scammer and spammers have the answers to all your questions, making online marketing sound better than the lottery. The reality is that most of these get rich quick programs are scams that only make their creators money. Most participants don’t even recoup their initial investment.

Another problem with garnering information as a newbie are the plethora of “review” websites raving about various online earning opportunities. Most of these review sites are biased. Affiliate marketers earn a commission for creating websites, blogs and reviews about a product or service. When someone purchases through the link in their review, the writer earns money. Do you really think they will always give an honest review? Their mission is to present the products or services in the best possible light so you spend money.

IM Report Card realizes these two facts about gathering online marketing information. Participants at IM Report Card are everyday people like you and me. They have no agenda and aren’t biased because their sole mission is to deliver the truth to other online entrepreneurs. Membership at IM Report Card is free. Participants review, rate and comment on opinions posted about the latest products, services, people and online business opportunities.

Finding Scams On IM Report Card

Before you spend time or money on an online earning opportunity, check out IM Report Card at to find out what real people think of it. Did they ever get paid? How much can you earn through the opportunity? Is the product or service worthwhile? Simply perform a search to find out more information. The community is updated daily so you get the latest facts about earning opportunities from people who experienced them firsthand.

What if there are bad and good reviews of the same product, service, person or opportunity? In this instance, I consider the validity of the reviewers. Are they ongoing participants in the community or did they post a single review to bash a particular service? By checking out the track record of the reviewer, you’re better able to determine if their review is completely honest.

Of course you still have the option to Google the online opportunity to see what people in other forums are saying compared to the reviews posted at IM Report Card.

Earning Money At IM Report Card

What keeps IM Report Card honest is the ability to earn money for posting commentary on reviews. The original review for each opportunity is written by an in-house staff member of IM Report Card. The review is unbiased and factual to encourage meaningful commentary, both pro and con.

Participants write comments, suggest opportunity to review, respond to comments and rate opportunities to earn points. The points accrue with a cash value. Once a participant earns enough points, they “cash out”. Payment is only made if 25 percent or more of the participant’s activities are new comments to avoid “tricking” the system. This keeps ratings and comments as honest as possible.

IM Report Card does not accept participants from certain nations because of a high incidence of fraudulent use of the site. These countries include India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore and the Philippines.

The Bottom Line

I wish they had a service like IM Report Card ten years ago when I started working online. IM Report Card is a great way to find out about scams and good deals without making your own mistakes. Even if you’ve had a few trial-and-error experiences, you can earn money for writing about them at IM Report Card. If you’d like to make money online and want to join the internet marketing business, it’s something you may want to check out.

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  1. I think when newbies come online and search various make money from home methods, they often times get information overload and end up making bad decisions. I think it’s wise for someone to stick with one method of making money and master that before they move onto the next big “miracle” money solution. Too much hype in the home business industry these days…


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