How To Make Tasty Homemade Chips & Fries: Give Them Some Zip!

How much do fries cost where you live? And do you ever really honestly love eating them?

Homemade fries or chips are a lot cheaper and you can do a lot more with them as well. The simplest thing is to get some good quality potatoes, chip them and fry them in a deep fryer at home. Just shake on some salt and vinegar after they’re cooked and you’re good to go. You’ll get perfect chips that are cooked to your liking and which are much cheaper too.

Another option is to think about leaving the skins on. They are the best bit of the potato anyway and you don’t get any waste at all when you cook them like this.

But these are the mere basics. What about trying out something a little bit different?

Ideas For Making Tasty Homemade Chips & Fries That Have Zip

  1. The key here is that chips or fries are just the beginning. You can come up with all kinds of different recipes that make potatoes that are a little bit more interesting even if you have them every single day. And since you can buy a large bag of potatoes very cheaply, you can save money in two ways by making different variations of chips at home. Firstly you can save by buying potatoes in bulk and secondly you can save by not having to go out to buy them ready made and cooked. You may also want to go a step further by growing your own potatoes at home.
  2. Herby chips are a great favorite of mine as it entails cooking them in the oven. Just chip your potatoes, chuck them in a bowl with some salt and pepper, and shake on some herbs. Sometimes, something simple such as parsley or freshly chopped chives work well. Try it with different herbs depending on what you are having with it. Slosh in some olive oil, put them on a baking tray and cook them until golden. Again, dried herbs are cheap to buy and they last as well — or have your own garden!
  3. You can even experiment with using different oils to get a different flavor for your chips. Think of store cupboard ingredients as well –- what can you do to make a dish more appealing? If you have dried onion powder, then sprinkle a bit of that in with the salt and pepper before cooking them in the oven. You’ll love the taste of your chips, I guarantee it.
  4. Paprika is another good bet for more interesting chips. In fact, once you get the idea that cooking them in the oven allows you to add more ingredients (since they are not going in deep fat) you’ll be trying all kinds of things.
  5. Cheese goes well with oven cooked chips as well, and once again, this is something you are bound to have in your fridge. Chip your potatoes, add salt, pepper, olive oil and some parmesan or another cheese of your liking. Shake them about, throw them into a shallow baking dish and shake some dried parsley on the top. You can even serve this one straight from the oven to the table — with oven gloves of course.

As you can see, there are countless things you can do to revitalize chips at home. Most of them use what you already have in new ways, saving you money as well as revitalizing your appetite.

Are you hungry yet?

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  1. Your recipe for “herby chips” is very like what we have been making as a fast dinner accompaniment for many years. You can really use any flavoring you like. “Old Bay” seasoning is good.

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