The Financial Benefits of Dieting & Your Paypal Experience: Roundup

If there’s any area in one’s life that could really use a lot of creativity, it would be in managing one’s finances. One reason is that most of us are set in our ways of managing our money; and it can be hard to retrain oneself into having better financial habits. However, if smokers can quit smoking, shopaholics can change their unhealthy spending. While this week’s The Smarter Wallet roundup doesn’t promise to cure shopaholism, it does promise to do one thing: give you creative new ways to administer your cash.

The first article on our list is New Ways To Manage Expenses and Credit. It gives you perspective on how to manage those moments when you have to squeeze the most out of your hard-earned cash. This article can provide you ideas for those days when you really need a lifeline to tide you over to your next paycheck.

The next post is also a fresh way to look at old things. The Budget Benefits of Dieting may be a tough little pill to swallow, but there are some sensible truths in there. So check it out and attempt to kill two birds with one stone: be healthy, even as you save a bit of money!

Do You and Your Spouse Keep Your Finances Together or Separate? A Case for Joint Accounts is an article that challenges financial paradigms that are a little tough to navigate: couple accounts. Which of these two paradigms work for you and your partner? Which would be more sensible? While this article is partial to the joint account for husband and wife (or life partners), it still challenges your own financial paradigm with your husband, wife, spouse or partner, and gives you something to think about or to try to improve upon.

When one gets to the point of financial health that allows for investments, it’s time to think about investing in one’s own business. Here are two articles that may be of help: Basic Tips for Investing in a Business and 3 Tips for Launching a New Business. If you’re in that state of finances by now, these two articles could give you more ideas on how to launch and manage your own business venture.

We end our list with a crucial resource for the growing population of online entrepreneurs. Making Your PayPal Experience More Secure is something you should read if you conduct online financial transactions. PayPal is now the primary method of transferring money online. And while it used to be riddled with controversy, thanks to the phishing scams and other bad press that hounded it in the past, PayPal has come a long way, and has proven to be the best and most secure method of money transfer. The key, though, is knowing how to use it properly. This article may help you achieve that goal: being able to use PayPal on a constant basis, without any mishaps.

In this changing world where technology drives the greatest advances, information is your best ally. So arm yourself with different perspectives, ideas and information, and you’ll be all set to manage and grow your finances.

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