Earn Money With No Cash Investment

Can you generate cash when you’ve got no money to start with? Can you make money out of nothing? We’ve tackled this question before when we asked: Can You Start An Internet Business With No Money Down? Most people think you have to put something in to get something out. Here are some examples:

  • You have to put money in a savings account to earn interest on it.
  • You have to sink money into the stock market to try and make a good return on it.
  • You have to invest in a business in order to eventually make a profit.

So far, so good. Most people can identify with at least one of the above scenarios, since we’re all pretty much interested in trying to make our money grow. But what about making money when you haven’t invested any in the first place? Is that possible?

The answer is YES!

If you don’t think it’s possible, then don’t worry –- it’s just that you’re not thinking along the right lines yet.

Ways To Earn Money With No Cash Investment

Here are some scenarios that would perfectly adhere to this rule:

  • You could turn any of your possessions into cash.
    This is the basic way to generate money without actually spending any. You could have a yard sale or put some items up for sale on a free auction site online. This could generate cash for all kinds of possibilities –- you could use the money you earn for any one of the three things mentioned above, for example.
  • You could create something that you can sell.
    If you are creative, you may try to develop products that someone else can appreciate. For instance, you could get into photography or t-shirt designing. Or you can write material for someone who may need content — either online or offline.
  • You can provide a service.
    I know someone who loves to tutor children. It’s a great sideline or full time job as you can usually set your own hours. This type of service is quite similar to babysitting, but it’s a step up, because you are also working as an educator. The rates can be pretty good as demand is high for this kind of extra help! This is just one of many possible service-oriented jobs that may be available for moonlighters.
  • You could start making money as a marketing agent.
    If you’re good at selling or marketing a product or service, you can work as the “middleman”. In the online world, you can learn how to become an internet marketer. For my thoughts on this, do take a peek at these articles:

    Outside of the web, you can also do some of your own marketing or selling for a commission. Some people in network marketing have been successful in this field — just ask those who sell Mary Kay cosmetics or Amway products. But be aware that some of these schemes may ask you for money upfront.

There are a variety of things you can do, but it will entail putting in sweat equity, time and energy, rather than money. The key is to be resourceful. If you’re creative, offer something that banks on your ability to design or create. If you are a sociable type who likes to work with people, maybe you should look into transactional activities that involve networking and selling. There are many options if you keep your mind open.

The key thing to remember here is that you won’t be left out of the running even if you don’t have any capital to start growing in the first place. Also, very often, the simplest of online businesses, savings accounts and even other investments can be started on just a small sum of money. And as we have seen, a lot of possible money-making ventures begin without a budget.

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  1. you forget another major option that doesn’t require start up capital. making a business / investing someone else’s money – if you have the skills for it and the credit (as in being able to prove it will be a minimum return to the investor or that you have some sort of insurance to cover it).

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