5 Cheap Ways To Work Out & Exercise

More ways to exercise for cheap.

Like most people, I gained a little weight over the holidays. Lots of fun and food will do that to you. So it’s no surprise that losing weight is undoubtedly one of the top resolutions we have every time we ring in a new year, while getting out of debt runs a close second. It’s always about undoing some of the damage that we incur every time the year closes, when we pack on pounds while we empty our pockets.

We can always start with great food choices when thinking about dropping the extra pounds. Here are some articles we’ve written on healthy food and diet:

Now for the part on exercise, because any weight loss plan should always include it! Let’s try these five ideas to get our workouts into gear in the New Year.

5 Cheap Ways To Work Out & Exercise

1. Walking – This is by far the best exercise for anyone. It is low impact and free. You do not need any special equipment aside from walking shoes and comfortable clothes. I recommend finding different routes and parks to visit because variety is the spice of life. Walking will probably be more pleasurable if you walk in different locations on a weekly basis. I walk in different subdivisions located close to me. I do not live in one, but I usually drive a mile or two down the road to one, park my car and walk. Why are these better? Well, they have nice sidewalks and are typically safer neighborhoods. If you are still concerned about safety, ask a friend to come along. Studies have shown that having a workout buddy actually helps you stick to your exercise goals.

2. Turbo Jam/EBay – I love this workout. It is actually advertised on an infomercial on TV. However, I bought mine on EBay. If you have a favorite workout that you are looking for, always check EBay first. Many times, you can get the entire workout, including the meal guide that comes with it, for one third of the price of ordering it from the company. If you are unable to locate the workout on EBay, you can also go to Google and search for coupon codes for Beachbody.com. Many times, you can find 25%-50% off coupons. This is a great workout, and the DVD comes with several workouts. Therefore, you are not limited to the same workout every day.

3. Your Local Library – I love the library. I love the library because I love books, but also because I love music and videos. Your local library typically will have a media section with exercise videos. With this option, you can do a different workout every week. This not only allows you variety in your workouts, but aids in muscle confusion, which boosts weight loss. Plus, it is free!

4. Custom Workouts on SparkPeople.com – This is a great web site for anyone wanting to exercise and eat healthier. The web site offers custom diet plans, grocery shopping lists, and custom strength training and cardio plans. Many sites charge a monthly fee for these types of services. However, the site is totally free! On top of the resources and articles that are offered, the site also has an online community. So, you can receive the moral support from fellow online buddies that are working towards weight loss and diet goals as well!

5. Meetup.com – This is a great site to connect with other people for an active lifestyle. The site is totally free and offers a way to find groups or communities of people meeting up for specific hobbies and similar goals. There are fitness groups, boot camps, ballroom dance classes, and so much more. This site is sure to provide an outlet for your energy and for burning calories. Again, with this type of social site, you have the benefit of groups of people working towards similar goals. So, you are more likely to stick with it. I have attended several meet ups for ballroom dancing events using this site. It is a great workout and burns loads of calories. Plus, it’s fun.

So good luck with your weight loss plans! Here’s to a slimmer, trimmer year!

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