Deconstructing Bank Overdraft Fees, ATM Fees & Cash Advance Fees: Infographic

Today, we unveil our first infographic ever, which is a look at the different bank fees that you can incur as a customer. Before you decide on housing your money in a particular bank, you’ll want to check out which elements make up a good bank account. So what should you watch out for? Here’s a short list:

  • A good interest rate.
  • A bank account with perks. There are some that offer interesting benefits or rewards to customers.
  • Good customer service.
  • Top safety ratings and solid reputation.
  • Minimal fees.

Deconstructing Bank Overdraft Fees, ATM Fees & Cash Advance Fees: Infographic

Let’s take a look at that last point in the list. Ultimately, a good bank should have reasonable costs and should be able to openly disclose their fees to their customers. There should be no surprises. Check out the following infographic from Credit Loan for some insights on those bank fees to watch out for when you’re shopping around for a financial institution to work with. Take note that the infographic comes in two parts (because of size).

The first section discusses Overdraft Fees and ATM Fees.

Bank Fees Explained, Infographic

The second section is a little on the small side here. But please click this link or the image for a closer look and a larger view. You’ll find out more about Research Fees, Cash Advance Fees, Stop Payment Fees, Returned Deposit Fees and more, through this picture.

Bank Fees & Your Rights

If you’re in the market for banks with minimal costs and top online savings accounts, do check out banks of the online variety since they often have some of the lowest fees around. Online banks have lower costs because of less overhead compared to their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts. Here’s a list of such banks you can consider:

Online Bank
Savings Product
Interest Rate
Min. Balance
EverBank Yield Pledge Money Market Account [everbank_mma_rate] $1,500
EverBank FreeNet Checking Account [everbank_free_net_checking] $1,500
EverBank Yield Pledge CD [everbank_yield_pledge_cd_range] $1,500
FNBO Direct Online BillPay [fnbo_bill_pay] $1
FNBO Direct Online Savings Account [fnbo_direct_rate] $1
Sallie Mae High Yield Savings Account [sallie_mae_rate] $0
Ally Bank Online Savings Account [ally_bank_savings_rate] $0
Ally Bank Classic High Yield CD [ally_bank_cd_range] $0
Ally Bank No Penalty CD [ally_bank_no_penalty_cd_rate] $0
Ally Bank Interest Checking [ally_checking_range] $0
HSBC Advance Online Savings Account [hsbc_rate] $1
HSBC Advance Online Payment Account [hsbc_online_payment] $1
HSBC Advance Online CD [hsbc_direct_rate_range] $10
ING Direct Orange Savings Account [ing_orange_savings] $1
ING Direct Electric Orange Checking Account [ing_electric_orange_range] $1
ING Direct Business Savings Account [ing_direct_business_savings] $0
ING Direct Orange CD [ing_direct_cd_range] $0
WT Direct Savings Account [wtdirect_rate] $1

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