$50 Giveaway At Credit Sesame

Just wanted to let everyone know about an ongoing giveaway at Credit Sesame. For those who are new to Credit Sesame, here’s a quick description of what they do: it’s a great site that allows you to get a free analysis of your debt situation. You can also get your credit score for free through their tools each month, and you’ll have the ability to track your debt, loans and credit payments in one place.

If you are interested in a chance to win $50, you can do the following things.

  1. Visit Credit Sesame’s giveaway page through this link.
  2. Leave a comment on their giveaway article or on their Facebook page.
  3. Email Credit Sesame to join (feedback@creditsesame.com).

Make sure you follow their instructions so you are entered. You only have until February 28, 2011 to join.

For those who want to try out Credit Sesame, here’s where you can sign up to use their free service.

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