Yard Sale Deals: Where To Buy Cheap Treasures

Do you like saving money and want more dollars to pad your online savings account? If you’re trying to cut expenses, or get out of debt, you can help your cause by shopping for deals. You may want to check out some of these places for cheaper wares.

yard sale

Yard Sale Deals And More: Where To Buy Cheap Treasures

1. Individuals or Yard/Garage Sales – When you are buying from a person, they are typically not trying to make a profit off of what they are selling. They just want to get rid of stuff they no longer need and make some extra cash. So this is a great place to find a deal because you can usually get a gently used item for much less than you would pay for at a store. Always check out the garage or yard sales in your area. There are some great finds there!

2. Estate Sales – Estate sales typically occur when someone has passed away and their family is liquidating the person’s estate to pay expenses that may have been left behind. You can find many items at these types of sales for great bargains, such as furniture, lawn equipment, household and kitchen items, just to name a few. These sales are often advertised in the classified ads in the paper.

3. Coupons – Coupons are my favorite deal of all. By using coupons, I can save money on something that I am already planning on purchasing. Grocery coupons aren’t the only coupons around either. These days, you can find coupons for a variety of items, such as merchandise sold in major electronics stores, clothing stores and restaurants (check our article on where to buy electronics on discount). Here’s how I use coupons and promotional codes: when I go shopping for clothes, I go to the store and try on everything that I like. I make a list of all the items I want. Then, I go home and attempt to find the items on the store’s online site. After I have added everything to my online shopping cart, I go to google.com and type in “online coupon codes for [store name].” I put the store’s name in the search, get a coupon code, and enter this at check out. This gives me a nice discount and usually I can combine codes as well, along with free shipping.

4. Pawnshops – I know many people believe pawnshops are evil (e.g. people are wary that they sell stolen goods). However, this is not the case. Most of these shops have to cross-reference all of their merchandise with the local police to ensure it is not stolen. Here, you can come across terrific deals on items that are in like new condition. This is typically a great place for gamers to find used games and game consoles.

5. Consignment Sales or Thrift Shops – These stores usually offer nice, gently used merchandise at a great price. Consignment shops offer gently used clothing, particularly for kids. I love thrift shops. I have actually found some great deals on clothes and household items at thrift stores. When I moved a couple of years ago, my new apartment did not have a microwave. I found a microwave in great, working condition at a thrift store for $6. You cannot find that kind of deal at the mega stores.

6. Classified Ads – If you are looking for something specific, classified ads are a great way to go. In classified ads, you can typically find large items and big ticket items at great discounts, which you would normally pay a hefty price for! You can check out classified ads in your local paper. In addition, most local papers now offer online classifieds. And, of course, there is the nationwide classified ad site, Craigslist.org, where you can find great bargains as well.

7. Online Auctions – Why not shop at online auction sites? Sites such as eBay offer great deals from individuals and companies. eBay has become so popular that large companies are now selling alongside individuals. eBay sellers know that buyers are looking for deals and are willing to oblige them with hot offers on everything from electronics to books to clothing. Often, you can get brand new items for 1/3 the cost at a regular store.

8. Conventions – If you have ever been to conventions, you know that many companies come from far distances to advertise their products at conventions. By the end of the convention, these company representatives aren’t in the mood to pack their goods to haul back to their headquarters. Many times, you can strike a deal with these consultants who are willing to unload their display merchandise from the convention. These representatives save on shipping while you snag yourself some items on the cheap!

If you really want to budget your money and control your spending, you can do so by shopping at these places, where you’re bound to save some bucks and add more to your high yield bank account.

Contributing Writer: Selena

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