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If you think this article is going to be about the illegal activity behind getting free cable, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. However, let’s take a moment to evaluate how much you are paying per month for cable and the benefits or returns you have received on that purchase. If you are like most Americans, you are probably paying on average around $50 or more on cable per month. I know people who have stated that they pay over $100 for cable or satellite per month. So, this is not an excessive calculation. So, let’s say you have paid $50 for 3 years to the local cable company. That comes out to about $1,800. If you had cut the cable and actually invested this amount in a high yield savings account (or in a mutual fund at your local online stock broker or in any other investment that yields much more), you could grow this amount over time. Compound this into a mutual fund that yields 10% on average per year and you could end up with over $2,000.

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So, you are probably saying, “So what? $2000? I enjoy my cable. It allows me to relax and wind down.” Fine. However, keep in mind that television can be had for free or cheap. The basic channels can easily be seen with a HD receiver and antenna. On top of that, many of the cable shows you pay for can be viewed online for free (or for much less). Why not keep your $50 a month? Just imagine if you continued this trend for 10 years, you would save $10,000. I am no rocket scientist, but that could add up to a nice car right? Check out the following sites to start your free (or cheap) entertainment today!

Watch Free TV Online & Cut Cable TV Costs: Check Out These TV Sites

1. – For much less than paying for cable, you can check out an unlimited number of shows through if you’re a subscriber. They’ve got several subscriber plans that can suit your viewing patterns. I personally enjoy Netflix and feel that I get a lot of value by being a member.

2. – You can start a free trial with Blockbuster to find out if it’s a service you’d like to have in lieu of your cable programs. Like Netflix, they’ve got a few plans available at much less than the rate you’ll pay for cable.

3. – This is my all time favorite site to watch the latest television shows. I like to watch The Office and House. The site also features free movies as well. Overall, it’s a great site because it offers some of the most popular shows.

4. – Joost offers music videos, TV, and movies on their site as well. You can also view recommendations for entertainment as well as make your own recommendations. The site is very similar to Hulu but also has a variety of creative content.

5. – I love I think part of the reason I love it is because anyone can have his or her own channel. If you have something interesting to say or teach, you can express yourself on People often use this site to upload videos of their families to share with other family members who may not live close by. I have found a couple of channels that I enjoy watching every day. This site provides a great deal of entertainment for anyone, with offerings that can suit diverse tastes. I love to use the site not only for entertainment, but also for learning and developing new skills. I can pick up ideas on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from cooking to learning how to give someone a French manicure.

4. Channel Web sites – Oftentimes, you can visit the web site of the actual cable channel that you enjoy and watch the same shows for free (which you were paying for via cable). Food Network, which used to be one of my favorite cable channels, offers many of their cooking shows online so you can enjoy and learn how to make dishes for free by watching the shows on the web. FitTv is another great one that I enjoy watching online.

6. – Ok, so Pandora is not a site where you watch shows or movies. However, if you love music, and music is entertaining to you, then this site is an awesome addition to your free entertainment collection. You can create your own personalized radio stations on this site. The site will then play songs that fit within the genre of your favorite music. If you do not like a selection that they are playing for you, simply give it a ‘thumbs down’ and the station will move on to a new song. I love to listen to this site when I am working or just hanging out. I can pick which station I want to listen to based on my mood at that moment.

I would definitely recommend checking out these entertainment sites. Just remember, you can always try to go without cable for a couple of months. Don’t worry. The cable company will be more than happy to take you back. Who knows? They may even offer you a deal if you do decide to sign up with them again after a hiatus from their service.

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  1. My wife and I recently made the decision to drop our premium channels and keep basic cable with our internet service. We are saving $100 a month and are kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner! Our kids can watch their favorite shows on Netflix and PBS and I can watch ESPN on my xbox 360. There are also hundreds of video podcasts that you can stream to your HDTV also to supplement any niche programming you miss. I wonder why more people don’t do this.

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