Tracking The Gold Market, Crude Oil & Forex Euro (Videos)

Here’s the latest on the investment markets. I’m presenting a few investment videos that give us a peek into what a market analyst thinks will be happening in the near future. With things a bit unstable right now, maybe a look at the markets through the eyes of someone with more than a bit of trading experience will be helpful. Not saying you should heed everything this technical analyst says, but checking out some of his prognostications based on technical analysis charts is one way to get a glimpse of how some experienced investors and traders are analyzing things at the moment.

Video 1 shows us how Japanese candlesticks can be used to track the Gold market. Gold has been a popular asset recently due to the unfavorable movements we’ve been seeing in the equity markets. So the question arises: is there still room for Gold to move up? According to this video, there’s potential for some upward movement.

Video 2 gives us an update on the S & P index. It looks dire in the short term.

Video 3 is about the crude oil market. Given the latest events in the Gulf (re the oil spill), it’s a good idea to keep an eye on crude oil prices.

Video 4 shares some insights on how to use Fibonacci retracement methods to analyze the markets. In this example, the crude oil market chart is used to explain this trading strategy.

Video 5 looks at one area of the Forex market: the Spot EURO vs USD (the US Dollar). We’ve tracked this market somewhat over the past few weeks, and we’re now seeing some signs that suggest that the EURO could be having an impact on how the equity markets in the U.S. and Europe are behaving. For those who are new to the Forex scene, you may want to check out the Spot EURO, the EURO futures market at the CME (or Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and the ETF FXE. These are all tradable.

If you’re interested in more analysis of the sort, do consider subscribing to this free trend analysis tool or this free investment TV channel from Or if you’d like to try out the trading tool used in the videos above, you can sign up for a free trial of the MarketClub trading system. We actually review the MarketClub system here as well.

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