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It felt like I wasted a lot of the day today due to a network problem we couldn’t resolve immediately. Diagnostic checks left us barking up the wrong tree. We thought it was some problem between our location and the data center. In the end, after many hours of slow performance on our end, it turned out to be the obvious: our home router was acting up. A simple reboot got my connection back up and running, but not before it kicked off a migraine that’s still bouncing in my head a little bit.

Oh yes, and there were probably also a few other contributors to that migraine; with April 15 coming up, those last minute tax preparation issues that crop up are never much fun. Especially since we’ve been walloped by additional taxes despite having paid what we thought were hefty enough estimated taxes. As it goes, Murphy’s Law is at play here: no matter how much you think you’ve paid the IRS, it’s probably never enough. Okay, just made that up! 😉

Well, despite the inconveniences, I got around to covering the financial beat and am happy to bring you a few articles for your reading pleasure.

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