5 Tasty Vegetable Dishes To Try (Affordable Meals)

Are you fed up with boring old boiled vegetables for dinner every night? We all know how important it is to get our vegetables each day, but there are ways to stop them from becoming boring.

For starters, you need to think about using vegetables in different ways. You also need to stop buying pre-packed vegetables and instead, you should go all out to buy the real thing. Yes, you will have to buy a whole cauliflower and break it into florets yourself, but is that so bad? Check out the prices of pre-packed vegetables against the whole stuff the next time you go shopping. I guarantee you that you will be shocked and you’ll save money right there and then by switching.

In the past, we’ve written about interesting ways to do dishes that can also be kind to your wallet:

This time, we’re sharing some ideas for healthy, vegetable dishes!

5 Tasty Vegetable Dishes To Try (Affordable Meals)

Okay so here are five things you can do to perk up meal times with vegetables:

1. Beef and broccoli stir fry. Just get some strips of beef and soak them in soy sauce overnight. Fry them off in a wok and add some steamed broccoli. When added to noodles or rice, together with some bean sprouts, this is a truly tasty combination. It’s a good way to sneak some broccoli into a meatier dish as well.

2. Cauliflower cheese. Not very original as far as the British are concerned, but highly tasty and so easy to make. Just one whole cauliflower, a decent cheese sauce (you can always make your own) and that’s about it. Just pre-cook the cauliflower for a short time in advance so it softens up a bit. And you can also add other things as well, such as chopped onions and carrots if you wish. Or how about a mixed floret cheese, with broccoli thrown in as well?

3. Cherry tomatoes are great for drying and storing in olive oil. These can be used in lots of recipes and it saves on waste too. Just cut them in half and cook them in the oven. They should be completely dried before you take them out so be careful to keep an eye on them and don’t burn them. Pop them in a jar until it’s full and gradually top it up with olive oil. Why not throw in some herbs too?

4. Perk up your fries by avoiding potatoes for a while and instead, try sweet potatoes or even parsnips. Everything you can do to create a good and unusual chip recipe, you can do with a parsnip instead.

5. Try grilling your vegetables; don’t boil them. Cut them into strips or flat sections, brush them with olive oil, add some herbs and grill them or pop them on the barbecue. You can try this same method and put them in the oven as well, if you wish.

The main thing to remember is that this is just the beginning of figuring out how to do different things with vegetables. The more creative you can get with these dishes, the more likely you’ll be buying vegetables for specific reasons.

How many times have you had to throw out vegetables because you forgot about them or they went off? But with more ideas and recipes for dishes, there’s a lot you can do with leftovers. Try to use every single thing you buy, avoid wasting money and spend less on fresh vegetables from the get go.

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