Can Stock Investing Software Help You Trade or Invest?

While there are promising developments recently in the stock market, it is still a very volatile place. Stock investment software attempts to take the mystery out of tracking the investment progress of both beginners and seasoned investors and traders. But is this the type of software that’s worth using?

Can Stock Investing Software Help You Trade or Invest?

Stock investing software has an advantage over humans because computers can monitor thousands of stocks on a continuous basis. Basically, investment tools such as the MarketClub Stock Trading System or those found in Morningstar analyze stock tickers for updated data.

For more on MarketClub tools (by, check out this link. You can also learn more about trading and investing by subscribing to’s free stock analysis service or their free video channel.

The software looks for particular patterns, alerts you when they happen, and runs in real time, making informational updates in an instant. There is software for all markets and purposes including Forex trading and ETF investing (trading and investing with exchange traded funds). But while computers are faster than humans, they don’t have common sense, which is a key element for investment success. So while you can use tools and software to attempt to enhance your investment performance, you’re still a big part of the equation: you’ll still need to interpret the data that these tools produce for you.

Where Do You Get Stock Investing Software?

Countless independent companies offer investment software for all purposes. Online stock brokers, mutual fund companies, market research companies and software companies offer a ton of options available to help you build your knowledge on investing and trading in different markets. Top brokers have tools available for you to use once you sign up with them as a customer:

Top Online Brokers With Investment Tools and Resources

Discount Brokerage
Mutual Fund Fees per Transaction
TradeKing $4.95 per stock trade
Zecco $4.50 per stock trade
Scottrade $7 per stock trade
OptionsHouse $2.95 per trade
optionsXpress $9.95 to $14.95 per trade
E*Trade $7.99 to $9.99 per trade
TradeMonster $7.50 per trade
ShareBuilder $4 per trade for stocks, with other various pricing programs

There are tools that will help you track patterns and find emerging stock opportunities. Investment software can be downloaded to your computer for free. There are also paid services that charge a one-time fee or monthly fee for access to their software. You can also order software to be sent right to your home or office for downloading. Certain investment companies offer their own stock investment software options, such as those I describe in my TradeKing review, ETrade review and Scottrade review. Their online software tools work seamlessly with your established account so you can even make timed purchases online.

What About Stock Investment Software For Beginners?

While many beginners might think that trading tools and investment software are the answer to prosperity, that’s a misguided belief. In fact, this software might be confusing for beginners unless they invest in a preliminary trading course first. Either way, if you’re a newbie, you may first want to work with a broker to help you make your trades unless you have an established account with a firm that has its own software. It is better for beginners to use stock investment software as a general guide rather than as a bottom line resource. Newbies should continue to research trends, learn more about types of investments and use their own common sense to avoid making bad investments. Note that investment software must be constantly updated and upgraded to reflect the newest features and the latest market changes.

How Does Stock Investing Software Benefit Seasoned Investors?

Stock investment software is particularly beneficial for seasoned investors because it keeps track of trends when they can’t. The software will track certain stocks and send text messages or email alerts to investors so that they get the latest news on-the-go. These timely updates can mean significant profits for investors who know the market. Trades can be scheduled for purchase when an investor might be away in a meeting or doing something else. These conveniences make stock investing software a must-have item for many serious investors who don’t have time to do all the tracking themselves. Unlike beginners, seasoned investors also recognize the rare occasions when these alerts might come too early or too late.

Certainly, these tools are no substitute for personal knowledge, customized tracking and common sense. While they can help you effectively track stock trends, I wouldn’t consider them the final say for your investment decisions. You should still rely upon your experience, knowledge and own analysis to make the right decisions for your money.

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