Can You Start An Internet Business With No Money Down?

Is this the Holy Grail of the internet, I wonder? No it’s not –- because the Holy Grail has yet to be found. In contrast, the internet is full of opportunities to start earning money without actually requiring you to spend anything first. This is why so many people have been able to improve their lives and elevate themselves from some difficult financial positions.

I’ve done it myself. I actually started out with the idea that I shouldn’t have to spend any money at all to get to where I wanted to be online. Now I make most of my money from writing –- either for other people or for my own websites. I’ve got blogs that have content and Adsense ads on them that bring in an income quite steadily. I’ve also got advertisements and various affiliate schemes that I am a part of that bring in other income streams. Individually, these are reasonably small but they certainly add up once you take them altogether.

Can You Start An Internet Business With No Money Down?

Yes, you can certainly start your own online business without having to fork out any money. I began with no money down at all. I looked for writing job ads that I could reply to and I had a free PayPal account to receive monies for jobs completed. Whenever I joined a bidding site, I made sure that the membership was free. Some I used, some I didn’t –- but I never spent anything in those early days of starting out.

I have since branched out and invested some money into my internet business though. I run this with my partner and we agreed we’d get our own hosting and a couple of domain names to get started. As anyone else who has their own hosting set up will know, this can be amazingly cheap if you don’t need too many sites. The domains were cheap too.

But you don’t need to do this at all until you are prepared to go this route. Let’s say you want to make money with a blog by installing Adsense ads on it. Just sign up for a free account and get started that way. I’d recommend keeping copies of all your blog posts on your own computer though if you’re going to do this, just to be on the safe side.

The point is that you can indeed make money online with an online business without having to put any money down whatsoever. Sure, some people spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on various courses and items that they want to use to make their internet business work. But this is by no means a prerequisite, and it doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to succeed either.

The secret is in knowing where your strengths lie and how to use them. By knowing what your strengths are, you can figure out how to make the most of the skills and abilities you have, in order to generate some money for yourself. I think my main advantage was that I wasn’t prepared to give up -– I wanted to do this full time and I couldn’t imagine ever being happy doing anything else. I didn’t want to invest loads of money in my internet business in the beginning, so I wrote and wrote and worked for various people and went from there. Eventually, I had a good solid writing business built up, and all without much investment from me –- except for time and skills I built up along the way.

And believe me, you could certainly do the same!

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  1. Very true – the dollar cost of starting an online business can be very low (or free) indeed. However, one must spend time learning how to code (at least a little), how to use online advertising, how to do minimal SEO, etc. Most of the “infrastructure” costs to starting / maintaining a website or blog are down to almost nothing – the “cost” comes in the time one needs to devote to an online project. More time = more profits (usually). Fortunately, if your first four or five sites don’t make much money – it’s easy to learn some lessons from them, and move on to other ideas.

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