From Speculative Investments To Compost Making: The Roundup

Some great reads this week, from a whole bunch of carnivals and blogs I had a chance to visit. Here were some of my favorite stops:

Wise Bread covers some tips on managing your loans, if you’re one to be worried about debt. Some effective tips include checking your credit score, doing your own debt management and consolidating your debt.

Lazy Man and Money is asking readers this very interesting question: what’s your favorite “speculative” investment right now? Mine would be real estate, foreign currency CDs (our EverBank review covers such products) and leveraged ETFs.

The Great Green Finds Carnival has some coverage on reducing plastic in our lives. It also has a story that covers tools and tips for compost making, along with how to make your own laundry soap. If you want to be self-sufficient, you can start by reading about how others have done it.

Then there’s the Festival of Frugality at FIRE Finance, where our own article, Break Bad Habits When Managing Your Finances, was selected as an Editor’s Pick! Woohoo! 🙂 I also particularly enjoyed these top 6 mindless money wasters and this post on five things you can do when people beg for financial help.

For more great reads, make sure you visit these weekly personal finance carnivals!

The Carnival of Personal Finance at SimplyForties had a lot of things covered, including a look at human capital and investment. And what about using coupons on a date night — is this something you feel you can do?

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