Time To Short The Stock Market? INO.com Video

If you’re an active trader and have been using technical analysis to gauge how things are going so far in the stock market, you may be interested in this INO.com video’s assessment of what’s in store for U.S. equities in the near future.

Time To Short The Stock Market? A New INO.com Video

According to this stock trading video, we’re headed for much lower numbers in the investment markets. While there is no guarantee of what could happen down the road, the MarketClub stock trading system’s indicators are all flashing red at the moment, pointing to a Fibonacci retracement to 944 in the S & P 500 index. This is ultimately a 50% slump from recent highs. Technical analysts call these numbers and points in the chart as “targets”. Right now, the call made by INO.com’s resident technical analyst, Adam Hewison, brands this market as unhealthy, and so if you’re a market timer, you may be inclined to stay out of the market or to think about possibly shorting it.

If you’re interested in trying out a stock market timing tool, here’s a 30 day free trial of the MarketClub Trading System offered by INO.com. You can also check out this free video channel or this free trend Analysis tool from INO.com.

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