Save Money on Dog Care: Caring For Man’s Best Friend

If you have a dog, then you know that sometimes they can put a dent in your wallet. Dog food, toys, leashes all add up over time. How do you keep costs in check? One way is to avoid products that pamper your pets too much. What you want is a happy dog, not a spoiled brat 😉 . Here’s how to save money on a bunch of dog costs:

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Save Money on Dog Care: Caring For Man’s Best Friend

  • Dog Food – This is one area where I’m not willing to skimp. Some may say that all dog food is the same and therefore, it makes sense just to take the cheapest option. After checking out the site called Dog Food Analysis, I learned and realized that there is a big difference in dog foods. Once you decide on the best dog food, you can search eBay for coupons to save money. There are a lot of coupons to be found there and the small investment you make in them could save you a lot. (There are also plenty of coupons for dog treats.)
  • Buy an Older Dog – Puppies are cute, but they don’t control their bladders well. So if you own a puppy, be prepared to buy lots of rug cleaner and odor removal. They also have a tendency to eat furniture. If you are going to get a puppy, it may be wise to get your furniture from Craigslist!
  • Dog Collars, Toys, and Leashes – Pet stores will have the biggest selection, but they won’t necessarily have the best prices. Walmart, as usual, delivers great prices. Once again, there are savings to be had on eBay.
  • Dog Medication – We get our pet medications from 1-800 Pet Meds. Its prices for Frontline and Interceptor are much better than our vets’ prices. Or you can try PetCareRx, which offers discounts on their products.
  • Buy a Small Dog – Small dogs eat less!
  • Avoid Dog Groomers – There are places that specialize just in bathing your dog. I’ve found that our shower works just as well. At the dog park, everyone comments on how clean, shiny, and soft our dog’s coat is.

On second thought, with all the money you’ll save, perhaps you can pamper your pets just a little!

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