S & P 500 Trading Video: Has The S & P 500 Topped Out?

The latest S & P 500 trading video from INO.com (a well known stock trading site) ponders the question of whether the S & P 500 index has finally hit its peak in the near term. If you’re an active trader or investor, then you may be curious to see the latest analysis on the market’s behavior, as offered by INO. Their claim here is that by using their MarketClub Stock Trading System, you could have avoided the latest slump in the stock market and could have bagged some profits over the last couple of months.

S & P 500 Trading Video: Has The S & P 500 Topped Out?

Do check out this video and find out how technical analysis could have worked for you.

The Trade Triangles (signals) technology from the MarketClub Stock Trading System indicated a buy in mid February, when the market bottomed out earlier this year; it pointed out a sell in early May, just after the stock market had a huge run up and right before the latest market trend solidified and confirmed its downward direction. If you trusted these signals enough to follow them, you’d have made around 7% in the span of two months. Not bad!

To find out more about trading with MarketClub, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here. For other freebies, you can subscribe to the free Trend Analysis tool and the INO TV Free video channel from INO.com.

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