OptionsHouse Free Trades & Other Promotions

For an online brokerage that has great pricing as well as great ongoing promotions, check out OptionsHouse. Their services are for the active stock and options trader and investor. You can take advantage of their top-notch suite of tools (including Virtual Trading) and they’ll give you 100 free complementary trades when you open a real trading account, if you decide to get started with trading. They also have a few other promotions that make signing up for this stock and options trading brokerage worth a look. Remember that their pricing is some of the best around for stock brokers, with a flat rate of $2.95 per stock trade, and $5 for up to 5 contracts (or $8.50 plus .15/contract).

OptionsHouse Free Trades & Other Promotions

Note that some of the offers can’t be taken together when you sign up for an account, so make sure you review the information carefully. Here’s a full list of current promotions from OptionsHouse, but we also discuss them below.

100 Commission Free Sales

There’s nothing more exhilarating than making a successful trade, except maybe if you make that trade for free? All new OptionsHouse customers have the opportunity to trade without spending a cent. Get 100 free trades when you sign up for an OptionsHouse brokerage account Just fund your new account with $3,000 or more and enjoy your next 100 trades at no cost. You’ll need to execute the trades within 60 days of funding your account, otherwise they will expire unused.

Open an account with OptionsHouse through this link and use the promotion code FREE100 in order to receive 100 commission-free transactions for stock or option trades.

90 Days of Free Investment Coaching

If you’re new to options investing or if you need to beef up your learning in this area, you can take advantage of one of the most comprehensive knowledge centers for free for the first 90 days upon opening a new OptionsHouse account and placing at least $1,000 in your cash account or $2,000 for margin accounts. It’s a great opportunity to receive professional stock and options trading advice for zero cost.

Use this link to open an account with OptionsHouse and to receive 90 days of free investment coaching.

Refer A Friend

OptionsHouse will reward you for letting your friends know about their trading platform. If you recommend OptionsHouse to a friend and they open an account with this brokerage, then you get your choice of $50 or 10 free trades. Not only does your friend get the benefit of a great brokerage, but you also get paid for doing nothing more than you would have done anyway!

Here’s where you can refer a friend to OptionsHouse. You need to be an existing account holder in order to take advantage of this promotion.

90 Day Subscription to Morningstar

As if having an OptionsHouse brokerage account wasn’t enough. Now, OptionsHouse offers the power of its online brokerage combined with the unparalleled research and in-depth analysis of Morningstar to give you unlimited access to a complete online resource — research, articles, forums, Options Investor Guide, the OptionInvestor weekly report and the StockInvestor monthly newsletter. This is all FREE for 90 days after funding your new OptionsHouse trading account with $1,000 for a cash account or $2,000 for a margin account.

Receive a 90 day subscription to Morningstar by signing up with OptionsHouse here.

ACAT Transfer Rebate: $100 To Switch Brokers

If you’d like to consider switching brokers, you’ve got the extra incentive of receiving up to $100 if you move your funds over to OptionsHouse. Some brokers refund you for any fees incurred when you do the switch, and OH is no exception. You can move your mutual funds, options and stocks over without having to worry about transfer fees.

Transfer your funds to OptionsHouse and get reimbursed up to $100. Check this link for this promo, along with other ongoing deals.

Wire Fees Rebate

You can open a brokerage account and get same day funding through OptionsHouse’s electronic transfer features. But as a new customer, you can also receive a wire fee rebate if you so choose to take advantage of this promotion. Your wire transfer fees will be covered up to $25. If you’re interested, you can get more information about this offer through this link.

And for more details about this highly regarded online stock broker, you can check out our OptionsHouse review here. If you’re an active investor or trader, it may be worth looking into this online firm. The extra benefits are certainly a great bonus as well!

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