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Recently, I’ve been on a little bit of a roll, covering the topics of how to make money through various online endeavors and projects. Here were a few I tackled in the past:

This time, I’d like to discuss how you may be able to make money with a Squidoo lens or two.

When I first heard about Squidoo a couple of years ago, I never realized I would end up making hundreds of dollars from it. I have around sixteen lenses live and online right now, and each one earns me an income every month. Granted, the top two or three are the best ones and earn me the most. But I still get a few dollars here and there from the others as well.

Squidoo Lenses
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How I Make Money With Squidoo Lenses

During the time I have been on Squidoo, I have realized that there are three main ways to make some cash here. If you are interested in making a bit of extra cash on the side as well, try focusing on these three methods for making the most of this site.

1. Earn revenue simply by having lenses (their fancy name for web pages) hosted on the site. This is the first way you can start making money. I found that it is worth taking the time to build and develop a good lens that will consistently bring in lots of visitors. For instance, you need to include several modules instead of just three or four to get some good results. Modules are the building blocks of every lens (web page) you will make. The higher your lens rank goes, the more cash you will earn as a result. And of course as you build more worthwhile lenses, they will stand a chance of getting into the higher tier of earners as well.

2. Use their money making modules to bring in more sales of your own. Squidoo give you countless different modules that will help you put a lens together. Some of them are designed purely to help you make money. A good example is the Amazon module. With this, you can choose one or more products and make a commission every time someone visits your lens and buys an Amazon product from here. So you could have a list of books or other Amazon products on a certain topic for instance, or you could just focus on one specific product and give it a review as part of your overall lens. The possibilities and money making ideas here are endless.

3. Join sites like Clickbank and Commission Junction to earn commissions on other products you can build lenses around. There have been times when I haven’t been able to find suitable products via the money making modules on Squidoo. Another thing to note is that there’s a cut in the commission when you use Squidoo’s modules as Squidoo will take a slice of your earnings too. So if you’re interested in getting a bigger commission, you may want to check out an affiliate network like Commission Junction instead. This enables me to promote all kinds of different products and services through my lenses. I also have affiliate accounts with a variety of other sites and I promote their items as well. All these bring in additional trickles of cash each month.

I’m not sure exactly how much I make from my Squidoo efforts as it varies every month. But it’s probably in the region of $100+ on average. It all depends on what I manage to sell. But I don’t actually do much work on my existing lenses to earn that cash each month at the moment, so now it is really money for nothing. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? And there is no end to the number of profitable lenses you could make either. Why not try it now?

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