Make Money With Google Adsense & HubPages

If you have ever looked into making money online you may have already come across HubPages. I came across the site just over two years ago, and even though I haven’t created many hubs since then (my total count is currently seventeen) I have plans to add a lot more.

Make Money With Google Adsense & HubPages

Why is this you may ask? Well I have discovered that it is well worth creating these short articles known as hubs, mainly because you can add Google Adsense to them. And that means you can earn an income from your writing that keeps accumulating over the long term.

Now I should say here that this is one of those classic situations where you get out of it what you put in. It’s no good just writing one hub, associating your article with Adsense and then expecting loads of money to come rolling in. It doesn’t work that way. But it is definitely worth writing as many hubs as you can and starting to make a name for yourself on HubPages, because this is where the real rewards lie.

How Much Can You Earn From HubPages?

I know someone who is making over $100 a month in Adsense revenue from the hubs she has put up on the site over the last year. Actually that was the figure she gave me after just six months on the site –- and I have every reason to believe it will be higher now. She finds articles on all kinds of subjects that are easy to write, and puts them on the site. Some are around 400 words or above, while others are quite a bit longer. But they all give her the opportunity to earn some cash.

Now $100 a month may not sound like a lot. But I have realized that this is a numbers game and the more hubs I add to my collection, the more I will earn from Google Adsense.

To this end I have come up with a plan to start adding one hub a day to my total. Now believe me when I say that 400 words or so a day is not a lot to write. As it stands, the article you are reading (including the title) is 400 words long right about NOW. It isn’t much really, is it? And yet you have the chance to publish such articles for free (and as many as you like as well) to ensure that you can start to build your revenue stream.

Tip: The same strategy for earning money online with hubs can be applied to creating and monetizing a blog.

Monetizing Your Hubs

Along with Adsense, you can also add eBay ads to your hubs if you can get accepted as one of their affiliates. I tried and didn’t succeed –- they seem to be quite picky about whom they accept. But I was able to get an Amazon affiliate account and thus, some of my hubs sport Amazon ads on them as well. From my experience though, I have found that my best returns have been from Google Adsense. Try each method yourself and perform some experiments to see which ones work for you. Things could vary depending on what you want to write about.

So you see, if you are looking to get started with Google Adsense but you don’t have your own website yet, you can give HubPages a try first. It might just be the best way to start.

3 thoughts on “Make Money With Google Adsense & HubPages”

  1. Like you I am always looking for ways to improve monetization, and getting people to your site is key. For this you need good/original content and some SEO luck! Simple formula, hard to implement with all the competition.

  2. Nice post, just want to ask. I’m new to hubbing and made my first one, so I was wondering: why do i already have adsense on my page when i don’t have an adsense account yet?

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