How To Increase Blog Income By Souping Up Your Blog

Want to make money with a blog? Here are more tips!

Here is a fact for you –- blogs earn money. Or at least they can if they are set up and targeted properly.

So we’re going to take a look at how you can revamp your own blog so it will start bringing in some more cash for you. For starters, the more traffic you get, the more potential you have for earning money. And to pick up more traffic from the search engines, you should focus on getting your keywords just right.

How To Increase Blog Income By Souping Up Your Blog

Let’s look at some ways to improve your blog so as to attract more traffic, and hopefully, more income!

1. Know your audience and optimize your posts. To increase traffic, make sure you have a distinct reason for writing each blog post. What kind of audience are you aiming to attract? For example, I have a blog about writing, and I might want to write a blog post that will attract people interested in finding information about online writing. What I would do is to create a blog post around that topic, making sure I used the phrase “online writing” in the title, near the beginning of the first sentence, near the end of the last sentence and once or twice in between as well. This should help get more attention from the search engines.

2. Think about the type of advertising to add to your blog. But once you have your traffic, you need to have methods of making money from it. Google Adsense is one of the best and easiest methods to start with (here’s more on how to make money with Google Adsense). But with that said, you don’t just stick it on your blog and leave it. Experiment with the ad positioning and make sure your ad colors are the same as the colors you use for your blog. This will help the ads blend in –- and it increases your click throughs as well.

3. Think of other ways to monetize. How about trying to review a few products that your audience may be interested in? For example, if you have a gardening blog, review the latest lawn mower. Become an affiliate for that company or a company that sells the lawn mower and hyperlink a picture of the mower to the sales page. You can also use hyperlinks in the text to encourage people to click through and find out more. But once again, make those links count by hyperlinking the actual name of the lawn mower itself. All these little tricks will increase your chances of getting more visitors, more click throughs and more sales. Here’s more on how to make money with affiliate programs.

This is what I mean by “souping up your blog”. It’s easy to settle into a pattern that allows you to blog away quite happily without getting anything in return. But while I enjoy blogging myself, I don’t see why I shouldn’t put a few simple measures into place that allow me to benefit from getting a small return for my efforts.

Of course, some bloggers with large amounts of traffic have made a good income –- a decent full time income at that –- with their blogs. So it gives us something to aim for in the future that is definitely achievable if you work at it.

One final point here though: don’t expect your new souped up blog to immediately start bringing in lots of money from all kinds of different sources on a regular basis. It takes time and effort to make that happen, but it’s certainly worth working towards this goal.

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