How To Get Discounts When Buying Online

Don’t you just love getting a great discount? I know I do. Whenever I need to buy something online, I always make sure I do some research first so I can get the best deal possible. There are certainly some great online discounts available if you have the time to look for them. And to make things easier for you, here are some tips I have picked up on my online travels that could help you out.

How To Get Discounts When Buying Online

1. Join sites that enable you to earn cash back.
This is an interesting way of finding cheap deals and discounts, but the good thing is that you can always be sure of getting cash back from sites and businesses that are taking part in the offer.

I typically use sites like BigCrumbs to get cash back on a lot of things I buy online. I just have to remember to take a look on the site to find the things that I’m looking for. The cash back is worked out as a percentage of everything I buy, and it can be as much as 8% or so on some occasions. They pay out every month so I always get a decent sum back. It is certainly worth joining these cash back sites if I’m able to keep my purchase costs down.

Check out our Ebates review or our BigCrumbs review for discussions on great cash back sites.

2. Look for coupon codes.
I never buy anything online now without looking for a coupon code. And they are so easy to find too. I realized that the hardest part was getting into the habit of looking for them in the first place. I don’t always find a coupon code for the site I want to visit or item I want to go for, but it is certainly worth looking. Some of them have saved me the cost of paying for postage and shipping, while others have given me 10% off the cost of whatever goods I am buying.

I simply go online and perform a search of the website I want to buy from, adding the words “coupon code” after it. Another search worth doing is for discount codes or checkout codes, although the phrase “coupon codes” has worked pretty well for me.

3. Comparison shop.
Compare goods offered by more than one site. I do this by performing an online search of the item I am looking for and then see how many websites are selling it.

I can then compare prices to see which site offers the best prices. From that point, I can look for coupon codes and see whether the site is on Ebates or BigCrumbs as well. In the past, I used to buy things from the first site I would come across, but these days, I don’t do this anymore because I know that I can save money by taking a bit longer to do some research first.

Of course, some websites like and may tend to offer things at a lower price. But it’s still a good practice to check various sites for items that may not be found in the bigger retailers.

So if you tend to settle for the first thing you find, I would encourage you to do some homework first. There’s a lot of savings here to be had if you’re resourceful enough.

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  1. For discounts, you may register at Ebates and get $5 for if you are registering for the first time and if you come to ebay from that site you may get 3.0% to 7.0% cash back (and it can be used for cash backs if you are buying online in the feature, it is just for your information and this is nothing to do with this purchase).

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