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It rained like the cliche, “cats and dogs” today. Loved it. It was fun to finally see sleet and hail pound on the roof of our home after so many long months of having no weather (e.g. I mean: weather that isn’t too exciting 😉 ). In California, we have two types of weather: warm and slightly warm. 😉 So when the rains visit us, it can be fun.

And it immediately reminded me that our house is now beginning to require maintenance. A good amount of it. For example, it has become mighty obvious that we’ll need to repaint our entire house by the summer. And we need the gutters cleaned. I wanted to get the gutters checked this year but the spouse said no and wanted to save some money. Well, they are overflowing right now because of these winter storms and I hate to say that if anything messes up because of these loaded gutters, I’d be more than annoyed. I’m never one to procrastinate on the maintenance of my home, especially when I learned a long time ago that deferred maintenance just meant that you’d spend much more money down the road. You don’t want a small problem to escalate because of negligence or procrastination or a misplaced need to be frugal. Okay, enough b*ing right now, right? I should just make sure we properly winterize our home before next winter.

So how is everyone doing this winter? Hopefully your water pipes and chimneys are holding up well where you are!

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  1. I live on the opposite coast and the rainy days made me realize we’ll need a new roof shortly. I was led to believe the hot summer days were a better time for roofing since the warmth makes them seal better? Guess I’ll have to look into this belief since the replacing will need to be done before summer.

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