Growing Carrots In My Garden

You can get your own organic food by growing your own vegetables.

Last year was the year of my first foray into growing my own vegetables at home. It brought forth beautiful and very tasty food, not to mention plenty of lessons that are now being put into practice for this year’s crop.

growing carrots in my garden

Growing Carrots In My Garden

And I have added something new to the mix this year as well –- namely carrots. Yes, those gorgeous orange beauties with the lovely green shoots are now growing in our own back garden. I only planted them a few days ago so I have no doubt the seeds are still little more than seeds at this point.

But is it really worth growing them at all? I mean, I must admit I thought twice about it initially. Carrots aren’t the most expensive vegetable to grow, so why worry about growing something that you can buy cheaply enough anyway?

It’s a fair point. But I have to say that I am glad I’ve taken a stab at it. I don’t yet know what the results will be, but I have a single trough filled with earth that has two rows of carrot seeds planted in it, sitting in a warm sunny spot in the garden. And I think that if I get good results from it then it will definitely have been worth growing the carrots.

When it comes to the financial side of things, I have found that it is possible to buy a small value pack of carrot seeds. This only cost me a few cents — around sixty cents I think. The trough was something I already had anyway, and I bought four “grow bags” in total for around seven dollars. I didn’t need too much earth and I had a lot of carrot seeds left (after planting some of them), so I can definitely plant more out if I want to, in a few weeks time.

You need to decide whether you’d like to upgrade to the taste of homegrown carrots (or not) and determine if it’s worth it to set up your own garden. I’ve applied my carrots to a few easy meal ideas I’ve had and I’ve eaten homegrown ones before and there is no doubting that their flavor is far superior than anything you could hope to buy. Maybe the satisfaction factor has something to do with it as well?

I reckon that with the quantity of seeds I have, my homegrown carrots will work out slightly cheaper than anything I could go out and buy. But they should be better quality and be packed with more flavor as well. And of course, I will gain more knowledge after I’ve tried my hand at growing them for the first time, so I can look forward to doing even better next year.

As it stands, I am only now starting to see the real benefits of growing my own vegetables at home. The rewarding aspect of this is that I feel more self-sufficient, having gone through this experience. I feel like I get more out of this project every single year I do it, which is why you will find me out in the garden every spring and summer, tending to my homegrown plantings.

Isn’t it time you tried your hand at growing your own carrots?

3 thoughts on “Growing Carrots In My Garden”

  1. Carrots are a staple of my summer garden. They are sooooo good!! Did you know that if you grow them in the ground, you can cover them with a thick layer of leaves/straw and winter them over in your garden, and then come spring you still have fresh carrots. That’s going to be my new trick this year! Good luck with your garden. 🙂

  2. I want to try to plant a garden but I’m not even sure how to even start! I know that sounds crazy. I have never even known anyone to plant anything. I have tried to grow flowers for the last 2 years but nothing happens NOTHING! I think that’s why I’m scared to try to do a garden. Are there any fool proof veggies that I might be able to grow? I need to know all the basics like how big of a patch of yard I need and how deep to dig and how often to water it and what else is involved? Thanks for any advice. Maybe I should see if there is a gardening for dummies book, lol.

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