5 Ways To Get Extra Cash & Make An Additional $100 A Month

So, times are tight, and you need to bring in a little extra cash. I have been there. In fact, I am there now. I have tried many different avenues to bring in extra income. I have found that some are worth the time and effort and some are not. So, here is my list of top 5 ways to make an extra $100.

5 Ways To Get Extra Cash & Make An Additional $100 A Month

1. eBay

I know you have read this over and over on money sites. It really is true though, that you can earn an extra $100 a month, easy money, with eBay. I know you probably do not think you have anything to sell. Believe me: I have sold a lot of stuff from my home. Just when I think there is nothing else left to sell, I begin to de-clutter and find something else. Start de-cluttering. You might be surprised to stumble upon a few things you can unload for cash. As a side note, sometimes the things that you do not think will sell at all on eBay, are the very things that do sell. Example? My dad said someone sold a turkey wishbone last year for $15. Weird! But it’s happened. See what I mean?

2. Gold

Right now, gold is at an all time high. This is the very best time to sell your unwanted gold. However, be careful when finding a buyer. Do check out this cash for gold post we wrote sometime back, to find out a bit more about the issues that surround this activity. Before you buy, you should look for a buyer that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Also, I would highly recommend getting three quotes. I know this seems time consuming, but it is worth the time to get the most out of your scrap gold. Find three buyers in your area. You might want to try a jewelry store, independent buyer, and a pawn shop. Get quotes at all three, and then decide where to sell. You can easily make an additional $100 with very minimal amounts of gold.

3. China and Crystal

I will admit that I had a closet full of china and crystal glasses. I had never used them so I decided to get rid of them. I was not using them, and at the same time, I wanted to focus on paying off my debt. So, I called this company that’s located in NC called Replacements, Ltd. I gave them the name of the china pattern and crystal. They emailed me an offer and sent directions on how to ship my goods to them. I actually lived close enough to drop it off though. After they inspected the china and crystal, they sent me a check for well over $100.

4. Temping

Working as a temporary employee for companies is a great way to make or find extra money without committing to a second job for the long term. You can find a local temporary employment agency in your area. Most just require you to fill out an application, take a test or two, and let them know what you are looking for as far as work is concerned. Tell them you are only interested in short term gigs. Most of these types of jobs require little to no experience and last for two to three days. You can make some extra money, learn new skills to pad your resume, and meet interesting people.

I once temped at a government agency. This was hardly a place I would ever consider working at for the long term. However, I met some really nice people. By the end of my job term, they would invite me to their employee hangouts, events and social occasions. I found the job to be quite easy and stress-free. Plus, I made an extra $200 and was lucky enough to make new friends as well.

5. Writing

This is by far my favorite side job. I love writing, and I love learning. Combine the two, and you have a skill that web site owners, newspapers, trade magazines, and newsletters are willing to pay for. Writing is interesting and allows me to tap into my creative side, which I do not get to do very often in my full time job.

Where Should You Put Your Extra Cash?

And once you make the extra bucks, apply it to a high yield savings account such as the following:

Online Bank
Savings Product
Interest Rate
Min. Balance
EverBank Yield Pledge Money Market Account [everbank_mma_rate] $1,500
EverBank FreeNet Checking Account [everbank_free_net_checking] $1,500
EverBank Yield Pledge CD [everbank_yield_pledge_cd_range] $1,500
Sallie Mae Sallie Mae Savings Account [sallie_mae_rate] $0
FNBO Direct Online Savings Account [fnbo_direct_rate] $1
Ally Bank Online Savings Account [ally_bank_savings_rate] $0
Ally Bank Classic High Yield CD [ally_bank_cd_range] $0
Ally Bank No Penalty CD [ally_bank_no_penalty_cd_rate] $0
Ally Bank Interest Checking [ally_checking_range] $0
HSBC Advance Online Savings Account [hsbc_rate] $1
HSBC Advance Online Payment Account [hsbc_online_payment] $1
HSBC Advance Online CD [hsbc_direct_rate_range] $10
ING Direct Orange Savings Account [ing_orange_savings] $1
ING Direct Electric Orange Checking Account [ing_electric_orange_range] $1
ING Direct Business Savings Account [ing_direct_business_savings] $0
ING Direct Orange CD [ing_direct_cd_range] $0
WT Direct Savings Account [wtdirect_rate] $1

With this money, you can start an emergency fund, add to an existing liquid fund or save for a particular goal.

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  1. “Most of these types of jobs require little to no experience and last for two to three days.”

    Umm, have you read the paper lately? While this may have been true 10 years ago, it certainly is not the case today. Temp jobs today aren’t limited to secretarial jobs that pay a few hundred dollars. Many professionals can pay well-paying temp jobs ($35 to $50 an hour) that last for 3 months or longer. I just wrapped up a 3.5 month assignment with a global insurance company that paid $50 an hour.

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