With The Dow Jones Index Down, Guess How Low It Will Go

Occasionally (maybe once a week), I’ll feature an interesting stock trading video that may share a particular perspective about how specific investment markets are doing. My favorite source for these videos is INO.com, a site dedicated to investment research, and training and education in stock trading. I may not practice daily trading — in fact, I’m not confident in my ability to succeed in it — but I remain fascinated by how the markets work and am interested in how more experienced individuals come up with ways to analyze or predict what could happen down the road in these markets.

With The Dow Jones Index Down, Guess How Low It Will Go

The video I’m about to introduce will show that INO.com’s resident technical analysis expert is not too optimistic about the U.S. stock market in the short term. Adam Hewison shares his concerns about the market being in a rotational phase: we’ve just faced a strong upward trend since February, gaining around 12% on the DJIA (from 9900 to around 11,200 points). But just a few days ago, we began to see some cracks in this trend when the market stumbled. This is not viewed as a good thing. As Hewison insinuates, there won’t be any highs anytime soon and 11,200 may very well be the high for the year. That of course, is just a brave prediction based on technical analysis signals such as one often used by Hewison: the Fibonacci retracement.

Check out INO.com’s short video about the Dow Jones’ recent performance through this link. It points out where the potential downside targets are and also demonstrates how the MarketClub Stock Trading System works, which is the flagship trading product from INO. At any rate, you can see this software at work when you review the video.

You can check out more INO.com offerings by subscribing to the free trend analysis tool and to the free video channel at INO TV Free. You can also try out the MarketClub Trading System for free for 30 days.

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2 thoughts on “With The Dow Jones Index Down, Guess How Low It Will Go”

  1. So what you are really saying here is that I picked a horrible, awful time to buy a mutual fund (with your link to me). Injury, why don’t make a little room for my friend Insult ;-).

  2. Lol, enjoyed that comment, Lazy Man. But you can always dollar cost average downwards in anticipation of the eventual, imminent recovery. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kidding aside, we don’t really know where things will be headed. These are just “educated guesses” that you may or may not want to take into consideration when making investment decisions. If you’re going for the long term, then what’s a few percentage point misses here and there? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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