Causes of Consumer Debt, Free Birthday Food, Car Shopping: The Roundup

Time for another informative roundup of links around the financial web:

Personal Financial Articles

Wise Bread: Why is our nation deep in debt? This article on the debt trap discusses the factors that contribute to our consumer debt load. Understanding the causes may be the first step to taking a stand against debt.

Lazy Man and Money: Just like my buddy Lazy Man, I turned one year older just a few days ago. He mentions how he was a happy recipient of free birthday food and muses about how it would probably be easy to dine out for free if you are resourceful enough.

One Mint: Manshu has been shopping for a new car lately. He’s sharing his experiences at the car dealership and being open about what sales tactics could potentially work on him! How about these tips of our own for those who are planning to buy a car?

Len Penzo: Here’s a list of stupid fees that presumably, consumers hate to pay. I agree that many of these fees just grate on your nerves. Particularly airline fees. Now if they did a better job servicing passengers, then I wouldn’t be whining so much.

The Financial Blogger: Mike talks about his painful experience going through a “homemade detox” program as he is trying to lose weight. I can commiserate, having gone through a lot of physical pain over the last 10 years (for various reasons). But losing weight? It can be tough but you just have to train the body to get used to healthier foods and exercise.

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