CARD Act Update, Retirement Savings, Protect Your Credit

Ah, it’s time for me to check out my favorite bloggers! I was out of commission for a few days, as I was on a family break, but we’re finally back home. While I’m still trying to get back into our normal routine, I’ve somehow managed to squeeze in some reading time. Here are a few articles from around the web that I’d like to share:

Personal Finance Articles

Sylvia S. Blake shares with us some insights on why you need to avoid foreclosure. It’s obvious why — you don’t want your credit history marred by such a negative financial event. For your information, here’s how to avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure, and preserve your credit even if you feel that you’re on shaky financial ground.

Wise Bread tells us how to find out if you’re on track for retirement. To start with you can always use retirement calculators, or use an easy retirement savings formula to get a good picture of your savings progress. Also, do you have investment accounts set up with top online stock brokers? A few of them can help you with your retirement requirements.

Ask Mr. Credit Card writes about how there are only a few more days left before the CARD act goes live! There are new regulations in the credit card industry that will be made effective very soon. The good news? These rules will be in the consumers’ favor.

Len Penzo performed yet another experiment: this time, he’s done the taste-test between bottled water and filtered tap water. The point is to determine if bottled water truly is worth the money we spend on it. So what did he find out? This amazing in-depth coverage will give you the full scoop.

One Mint gives us a few factors to think about before you start investing. Some good ideas include paying down your education loan, avoiding credit card debt and understanding your risks. Great tips for the new investor!

Lazy Man and Money gives us a tour of the room that Craigslist and yard sales built. And guess what — that room is indeed as awesome (if not more so) in person as it is in pictures. I’ve been honored to be a guest at Lazy Man’s house on a few occasions and I can tell you, this frugal guy lives well! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I checked out Lazy Man’s pictures and was really impressed with how he had managed CL and sales to do his living room.

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