Using A Can of Tuna Fish: Great Tuna Dishes

Part of what we like to do here is to share some ways to make the most use out of the things we have. Being resourceful saves us money. So allow me to visit the kitchen, where being resourceful goes a long way!

Today, I’d like to talk about some things we can do with a can of tuna. I’ll admit that I am addicted to tuna fish. I love it –- out of a tin, fresh and seared on the barbecue, you name it, I’ll eat it.

can of tuna

5 Things To Do With A Can of Tuna Fish: Great Tuna Dishes!

But there is no beating tuna from a tin –- simply because of how versatile it is. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration for lunch, I can go to the cupboard, find a tin of tuna, crack it open and I’m away. Here are some of my ideas on what to do with the contents of one of these cans.

1. Pile it high in a fresh roll and top it off with some mixed salad leaves and a bit of mayo. What is it about tuna and salad leaves? Somehow I think they go together better than any other kind of salad does with the same fish.

2. Whip up some tuna and pasta. Pasta shells are good because the tuna mix gets inside them. Mix it with strips of cucumber, chopped chives and some mayo, and you’re ready to go. Great as a lunch box alternative as well.

3. Grab a Panini or ciabatta roll, split it in two, butter it lightly then pile some tuna on top. Then add slices of cheese (mozzarella is excellent for this) and melt it under the grill. You can add black pepper before grilling too if you want. This is a personal favorite!

4. Make a tuna fish pie by flaking the tuna into a dish and adding chopped onions, chives and the oil from the tin you bought it in. Boil some potatoes and mash them up before adding to the top of the tuna mix. Finish off by crumbling some ready salted crisps over the top and baking it in the oven.

5. Whack it on top of a baked potato. Use a good sized potato, cooked in the oven in its skin, which has been wiped over with olive oil; add a touch of salt to crisp it up. Once you’ve done that, split it open and pile the tuna on top. Finishing it off with melted cheese or strips of cucumber and mayo both work well.

So there you have it –- five tasty ideas and some good reasons to buy tinned tuna fish in bulk. This is one staple item I always have in my cupboard, and as a result, I have lots of fast and quick recipes to use so I can make the most of tuna in lots of different ways.

You’ll notice too, that a can of tuna fish can provide a good base for a light lunch, a more substantial lunch or even a main meal. You can also enjoy it hot or cold, which makes it one of the most versatile things around, in my opinion.

The good thing is that it can pretty much go with a lot of other leftovers too, so economically, this is a sensational buy. Don’t forget that you have to try your own ideas as well, to ensure you can add more dishes to your repertoire. You’ll soon have plenty of alternatives to boring old sandwiches when you are hungry for lunch and you want something a bit different.

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