The Benefits of Budget Planning Software

Are you having problems sticking to a budget? I certainly used to, until I started using budget planning software like YNAB (You Need A Budget) to make things easier for me.

My problem was that I had started doing my budget on paper. Now that’s easy enough when you are just jotting down some basic figures. But once you start thinking about keeping a regular budget, you really need something a bit more involved to help you. This was when I started using a computer based system. I was amazed by how many benefits it had too, so allow me to share some of them with you now.

The Benefits of Budget Planning Software

For starters, it worked well for me as I work from home and spend most of my day on the computer. I can start the day by accessing my software and updating it as and when I need to. It helps me keep my finances on track because it acts as a constant reminder as to what I should be doing. If you want to know how to budget, you’re likely to learn faster with an online money management tool.

I can also tell how much cash I have and where it’s going every single day. As a self employed person who pays my own taxes, this is particularly important. I know that if I did all my budgeting on paper, I would probably struggle to keep up with it. But because my budget sits in my computer, it is always easily accessible and easy to check at a moment’s notice.

A list of great money management tools that can help you with budgeting:

Budget Tool or Software
Software Type
More Info
You Need A Budget (YNAB) Desktop No, but has a free trial YNAB review
Quicken Desktop Desktop No Excellent desktop money management tool
DebtGoal Online No, but it has a free trial Online debt reduction tool
PocketSmith Online Yes, also has paid version A good online budgeting tool
GreenSherpa Online No, but it has a free trial Decent online budgeting tool Online Yes Free online budgeting tool

There is also the advantage that the software is already set up for me to use right away. When I was using a notepad, I had to do everything myself. I even had to rule my own columns! I don’t get any of that with my computerized budget planning software. In fact I think it has made me more responsible with money because I can see all the relevant figures right there on my computer screen. There is no creative accounting or trying to deny whatever situation I find myself in.

To that end, I have definitely noticed that I am doing better financially since I started using the software. I am more aware of what I spend on a daily basis. I’ve also gotten used to finding good deals because I know that if I do, I will have more money left to show in my records. It hasn’t made me stingy, far from it –- but it has certainly made me smarter with my money.

As someone who constantly uses my computer, I find it very easy to make sure I keep up with my finances. If I did it any other way, I would have fallen by the wayside ages ago. As such, I would recommend using a home budget planning system in this way to anyone who owns a computer and spends a lot of time on it. Budget your money with an online tool like or a desktop tool like YNAB or Quicken. It’s faster, more efficient and much more enjoyable as well.

I can’t imagine being without it now. While I don’t have much in the way of debt, I think that if I did have a lot of debt, I would end up reducing it faster, thanks to this budget planning software. It’s definitely done wonders for my financial outlook, and I only wish I had started using it sooner than I did. One thing’s for sure though –- I am making up for lost time.

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