BigCrumbs Review: Get Cash Rewards On Internet Purchases

Did you ever scrape up leftover crumbs to get just one more bite of cake? With a free membership from BigCrumbs, you can scrape up savings to get just one more bit of shopping too. It’s as simple as shopping through their website and referring others to earn cash back for their purchases as well. Then just sit back and watch those big crumbs add up to a major money cake.

BigCrumbs Review: Get Cash Rewards On Internet Purchases

How Does BigCrumbs Work?
If you belong to a points-earning site such as MyPoints, Ebates (read our Ebates review here), or Memolink, you’ll notice that BigCrumbs works in much the same way. The difference with BigCrumbs is that they credit you with cash back for each purchase you make rather than giving you gift cards for accumulated points.

Join BigCrumbs, and then shop through the website to earn cash back. More than 1,000 retailers participate in BigCrumbs. Each online retailer lists their cash-back offer for shopping through BigCrumbs, so you can choose retailers that will earn you the most money.

BigCrumbs works with eBay too. You can click links from the BigCrumbs website to reach eBay, and earn cash back for winning bids and Buy it Now purchases. Note that Best Offer purchases may not be eligible. You earn 36 percent of the seller’s fee in cash back when you shop. When direct referrals shop at eBay, you still earn 4 percent of the seller’s fees.

How Much Money Can You Earn Through BigCrumbs?
Your earnings potential is unlimited. BigCrumbs credits take anywhere from one week to a month to appear in your account. You don’t earn cash back on shipping, handling, taxes, or the amount of a coupon. And, most retailers don’t offer cash back for purchasing gift certificates either.

A really simple way to earn money through BigCrumbs is to refer family, friends, and associates. Make sure you aren’t spamming people, but spread the word about Big Crumbs. Referrals simply enter your BigCrumbs user ID when they register, and then you earn cash back on every purchase they make through BigCrumbs — forever! Here’s more on referring people to BigCrumbs.

Not only do you earn cash for your referrals, but for the people they refer too. The money you earn through referrals can really add up! An Account Manager (dashboard) helps you keep track of your direct referrals, their referrals, the cash back you earn, and the cash back everyone else earns from shopping through BigCrumbs. They also send you a monthly account summary to sum it all up.

How Does BigCrumbs Pay?
BigCrumbs makes payments for cash back and referral revenue on or around the 15th of each month. Your BigCrumbs account needs a minimum balance of $5 at the time of payout, and payments are one month in arrears. For example, BigCrumbs pays all January commissions in March.

You can choose one of two payment options: either through PayPal or through BigCrumbs’ own Prepaid MasterCard. The prepaid option gives you increased commissions for shopping at certain merchants as well as many other rewards in the future. BigCrumbs automatically loads your payment card on payday each month; otherwise, you must have your BigCrumbs account linked to your PayPal account to receive payment.

Can You Max Out Your Monthly BigCrumbs Payout?
Yes, you can actually max out your monthly BigCrumbs payout! If you’re a big earner, there’s a $10,000 maximum balance for your BigCrumbs Prepaid MasterCard. If payment would cause you to exceed the balance, you are paid up to the maximum balance, and then BigCrumbs pays the remainder when the card balance allows.

PayPal also has a $10,000 single payment maximum. When your payment exceeds this amount, BigCrumbs breaks up the payments into multiple smaller payments with a processing fee for each. Fees for payments are $1 either way, depending on your balance. There is a monthly fee of $1 for the Prepaid MasterCard, and a two percent PayPal fee with a $1 cap.

BigCrumbs doesn’t send out a 1099 anymore, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t claim your earnings. When you earn money at BigCrumbs, remember to check with your accountant to find out if you should consider what you earned as income.

To maximize your earnings and save even more money, check out this article: Tips to Keep More of Your Money!

The Bottom Line About BigCrumbs
I joined BigCrumbs right away because I like the idea of getting cash back instead of gift cards. I talk about shopping a lot, so I can earn money through referrals. Some of my favorite merchants participate, so earning money for shopping is easy. For instance, I earn four percent cash back for buying books at Barnes & Noble. I earn eight percent cash back for shopping at for family necessities. Since I won’t earn big bucks for making just a few purchases, I opt for a PayPal payment to save a few more cents. And don’t forget that if you also shop with a cash back credit card, you will earn cash back from both!

3 thoughts on “BigCrumbs Review: Get Cash Rewards On Internet Purchases”

  1. If you have not yet signed up for BigCrumbs, do it right now! Grab the offers! You will also get some exciting deals on FatWallet, ShopAtHome, AAfter Search and Ebates. Moreover, you will get $2.5 to $5 as sign up bonus as well as huge cash back.

  2. bigcrumbs iz trash

    Bigcrumbs is horrible when it comes to customer service and using them for ebay purchases. They will not give you your full credit especially if you bid/win/purchase more than one item from any seller. Beware if using this site for rebates….!

  3. Bigcrumbs is not trash sorry to disagree put they money every monthl like clockwork…It is EBAY who is the problem…I know what you are talking about that is why bigcrumbs has taken EBAY off their list because they do not honor the transactions….that is why people are leaving ebay for outrageous seller fees and their sister company paypal rakes up the fees too….that is why people are heading for amazon.

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