Why Shred Paper for Security Reasons? Another Way To Dispose of Receipts

I compiled a few posts that I thought would be of interest. One made me grumpy, another made me chuckle and the rest woke me up. 🙂

Awesome Personal Finance Articles

  • One Mint: I agree with Manshu on this one. This post on how banks want to buy their own assets with taxpayer money has made me quite grumpy!
  • Funny About Money: Funny About Money is a compulsive expense tracker. And indeed, only she can come up with the ingenious idea of “cremating” 6 months worth of credit card receipts using a charcoal-starting chimney, while simultaneously heating up charcoals for dinner. I wish I could do what she does so naturally.
  • Stretchy Dollar: Here’s a nice piece that discusses how to increase our shopping awareness in order to make your shopping experience more rewarding while allowing you to stay within your budget.
  • MoneyNing: David gives us a pep talk about how to avoid having financial headaches in retirement. How are you preparing for retirement?

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