Video Webcast on Personal Finance, New Rewards Credit Card @ The Roundup

As I mentioned in my other blog, The Digerati Life, I’ll be on a webcast this Friday, between 1 to 2 pm as a blogger panelist in a media event sponsored by Citi Cards. It’ll have a Q & A session that will cover topics on Generation Y and personal finance, and will feature the presentation of Citi Cards’ new rewards credit card, called Citi Forward. I hope I don’t freeze (I’m made for writing more than I’m made for talking) 😉 .

I’ll have more details about this credit card at some point, which I plan to share with you.

Awesome Mentions At The Carnivals

I’d like to make special mention of those blog carnivals that have included our articles in their Editor’s Picks! There were a couple of them this week:

The Festival of Frugality showcased our post that asks whether we should downsize, cut costs or work at a second job. Thanks to Richard from Student Scrooge for this honor.

We were also happy to find that our post on charting stock movements with Fibonacci trading techniques garnered an Editor’s Choice award from Personal Finance Ology, who was the host in this week’s Money Hacks Carnival. We’re grateful for this special mention!

Personal Finance Reads and More Carnivals

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