Trying To Repair A Plasma TV At Home? Don’t DIY!

Would you repair a plasma TV at home? I wouldn’t DIY, but some people would!

When a piece of merchandise I want sells for over $100, I *really* have to think hard about buying it. In our family, we’ve got this rule that if an item hits a particular price point (in this case, a $100 minimum price tag), its purchase will require a family discussion and a joint decision to buy (or not). That is, any purchase decision has to be made jointly at this price point. And Plasma TV’s fall in that category: these big ticket items range in price from $600 to $2,500, among retailers I’ve checked. So you’d think that most people would care enough about their possessions to be careful with them.

If my Plasma TV acted up, I’d have it evaluated to see if it was worth repairing and salvaging. If so, then I’d sic the repair guy on it. But that’s not what some people have in mind. Just check out how this one guy decided to repair his nice flat screen TV.

Don’t DIY At Home: A Unique Way To Repair A Plasma TV

Frustration can sure get the best of us sometimes, though I wonder if my frustration could ever be worth at least $600.

4 thoughts on “Trying To Repair A Plasma TV At Home? Don’t DIY!”

  1. Haha! Maybe when these flat screen televisions go down in price and become more affordable, more people will start doing this sort of thing…

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  3. if prices go down, more people will go for the buy option instead of the repair option. why go to all the trouble of hauling it to the service center or call up strangers into your home to fix them if you can get one for, say, a hundred bucks? 🙂 the higher the price of brand new, the more people are inclined to go the repair route. 🙂

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