List of Traveling Tips, Your Propensity To Consume: The Roundup

It’s been a rough week without my spouse, who’s in Australia at the moment visiting family. I spent most of the day driving my kids around to various activities. I can’t imagine how single parents do it all! Anyway, I got a chance to sneak in a few reads:

Cool Financial Articles

  • One Mint: Your Marginal Propensity To Consume. I love Manshu’s insights about the factors that affect how we spend and save. My own propensity to consume is on the high side — it only got higher after I had kids and got the “bigger” house. I’m working on wrestling this number down to as close to zero as possible.
  • Man vs Debt: Last Minute Considerations Before Moving Across The World. This is an incredibly comprehensive list of things to do and think about before relocating anywhere. Baker is going places!
  • Punch Debt In The Face: People Finance the Darndest Things. In this article, Debt Ninja discusses breast implants. In other colorful articles (just check out the stick figure drawings), he talks about bras and loving money and other “interesting” topics using strong, edgy language (well, for a pf blog anyway). I’m speechless. My first visit to this blog and I couldn’t tear myself away. Gotta hand it to Mr. Ninja, this blog has got major personality.

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  1. Why thank you kindly ma’am for including me in your roundup. I’m glad you have enjoyed the posts so far. I try to keep it entertaining. I’ve enjoyed your site as well and look forward to future posts. Keep on doing your thing!!!

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