Travel The World, Work Hard, Find A Good Stock Broker: The Carnivals

I finally got a chance to sit down on this rainy night to point out a few of the articles I’ve read and covered this week.

Personal Financial Articles

  • Which online stock brokerage account is for you? Since I wrote this article, I’ll tell you now that I believe TradeKing has the edge for customers like myself, who are long term investors, who don’t trade often and who appreciate good customer service. Zecco benefits the more active traders who are able to take advantage of their free stock trades offer. Zecco allows you up to 10 free stock trades a month if you trade frequently.
  • Greener Pastures shares with us some great tips for climbing the corporate ladder. I think that if you maintain a positive attitude and work hard, you’ll go a long way in your career.
  • Sound Money Matters: Could you afford to drop out of life? Aryn asks. A lot of young people I know do this sort of thing, where they quit work for a year to travel the world. A good friend of mine pulled something like this a while ago, and I was quite envious! Except I wasn’t envious about her encounters with bedbugs in strange hostels.

Recent Carnivals

And here’s our especially long carnival list! I hope you can visit these sites when you get a chance.

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