$50 TradeKing Promo: Get Cash Bonus!

This is a good time to open a new account with an online stock broker. Earlier on, I talked about how Zecco was offering 20 free stock trades to those who sign up with them (I believe this offer has already expired). These were 20 additional stock trades on top of the 10 per month that Zecco already offers new account holders. Well this time, TradeKing has come up with their own promotion to entice you to become a new customer.

Visit this link if you’re interested in receiving $50 from TradeKing. They’ll also refund your transfer fee up to $150 and pay you $50 for each new customer you refer to them.

$50 TradeKing Promo: Open A New Account, Get Cash Bonus!

Here are the details of this promotion:

  1. Open a new account with TradeKing by visiting this link. You won’t be eligible for the sign up bonus unless you apply through the special landing page provided.
  2. You will need to fund your account with $2,500 and make your first trade. You must fund your account within 30 days and you must execute one trade within 180 days of account open.
  3. The offer is non-transferable and can’t be used with any other offers.
  4. Only U.S. residents are eligible. The offer is limited to one offer per household.
  5. You must keep an account minimum of $2,500 minus any trading losses for at least 6 months to be eligible.

TradeKing: Top Online Broker

TradeKing is actually one of my favorite discount brokers around, and here’s a quick summary why I have an account with them!

  • Great pricing. At $4.95 a stock trade, their commission rates are hard to beat. They are known to be one of the cheapest brokers in the industry.
  • Great customer service. They’ve received top awards for customer service from Kiplinger’s, along with nods from Barron’s and Smart Money (for Best Option Traders and #1 Discount Broker, respectively).
  • Top Trading Tools. They’ve got comprehensive trading tools for the active investor as well as resources you’ll find at their Education and Learning Center.
  • Community. They are only one of few brokers which supports an active forum and community where you’ll be able to learn from other investors. Here’s a chance to check out the portfolios of other investors and traders!
If this sounds good, you can sign up with TradeKing and receive that $50 bonus by checking them out here!

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