Our Tax Refund Story, Frugal Foods, Cheap Gas: The Roundup

Our Tax Refund Story

Tax day is finally over for this year, and the good news for my household is that we’re slated to get a tax refund this year, the first time ever. EVER. Is it coincidental that the tax year coincided with the first year that my spouse and I both turned to self-employment? Probably not, because it is also the first year we both suffered much lower incomes as we try to get our businesses off the ground.

In the past, we relied on both salary and business income to tide us over, as we juggled full time jobs with our side businesses. But we finally severed the safety cord connecting us to our day jobs and decided to get into entrepreneurship with both feet and 100% commitment. So far, the changes have been worthwhile as we adjust and cope with the new lifestyle. The tax refund angle is definitely one huge positive side effect of it all. Now I’m wondering if there are more such positive consequences (or side effects) to running your own business that we’re yet to experience.

Great Carnivals

I got a chance to go through my reading list this week, and here are a few places I’d recommend where you can get your fill of personal finance articles:

At Festival of Frugality over at Stretchy Dollar, I found these great reads, which are a sampling of the information you’ll get at the carnival:

Some other cool carnivals this week? There’s the Carnival of Personal Finance at Money Ning and the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights hosted by one of my favorite blogs, Wise Bread.

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