Take Any Job and Wonder About The American Dream @ The Carnivals

Here are some articles I had a chance to digest this past week. Enjoy!

Personal Financial Articles

From the Carnival of Personal Finance held at Wide Open Wallet, the following pieces struck a chord with me:

  • Tough Money Love talks about how money may satisfy, but does not bring happiness. To me though, I find that money brings security, which allows me to temper my financial anxieties. In that sense, money brings me peace of mind, and therefore, happiness.
  • Free From Broke tells us that no job is below us. That is, there’s dignity in any job, and we should not feel that no job is beneath us, especially during financially challenging times like this recession.
  • Studenomics asks if you can be an entrepreneur within an organization. Studenomist provides some great tips on how to put your entrepreneurial skills to work at your place of employment.
  • The Wisdom Journal wonders about the American Dream. He asks whether the dream is dead or has it been redefined because of this new financial age?

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