A Stock Trading System For Shorting Stocks: How To Short Estee Lauder

We show you a video that demonstrates the process of shorting stocks using a stock trading system. The stock charting tool that is used demonstrates how to short Estee Lauder stock.

Stock Trading System For Shorting Stocks

I’ve been learning a bit more about stock technical analysis purely for the educational experience. I only invest for the long term, but have been studying the concepts of trading and technical analysis to improve my understanding of how the stock market works.

I’ve been fortunate to have been given a membership to INO.com, which is a comprehensive stock investment and trading service that specializes in offering traders various investment tools, charts, videos, educational materials and investment information.

As part of my membership, I receive educational videos such as the following, which shows us how INO.com’s charting tools (available through their premium paid service called Market Club), work to determine market trends and how best to short a stock. You can click on the image below or this link to watch the video.

How To Short Estee Lauder’s Stock Using INO’s Stock Charting Tool

From INO:

Take a look at this video of Estee Lauder and see where we got short this stock using our “Trade Triangle” technology. What’s nice about this technology is that it can use previous market action to help you get in and ride the trend (to profit from news and earnings). How valuable would that type of information be to you?

stock trading system, shorting stocks

This particular charting utility is available through INO’s Market Club service. Market Club is a paid subscription but they offer a free short term trial membership.

INO’s Free Investment Tools and Services

Now if you’re interested in learning more about investing, trading and technical analysis without having to pay anything, you can check out some free investment resources provided by INO.com. They’ve got free educational investment videos called INO TV Free (which you can upgrade to INO TV Premium), and they also offer free access to a stock analysis and trend tool called INO Trend Analysis.

By subscribing to the free Trend Analysis service here, you’ll get daily updates of stocks on your watch list, allowing you to monitor their performance; you’ll also receive learning videos that are regularly sent to your mailbox. These free tools can help you learn a little more about the markets and how to analyze stocks.

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