Stock Market Highs For 2009, Dividend Stocks, China IPOs

So how do you like the Fed announcement that they’re not going to be adjusting interest rates anytime soon? Kind of a let down if you’ve been counting on your high yield savings accounts to tide you over for a while. For those people on fixed income and sitting on very conservative investments, this isn’t the most exciting news. But it’s what we need to keep the economy and the stock market humming along.

Let’s check out some finance articles from my blogger friends:

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Wise Bread: Speaking of investing, how about these basic investing tips for any market? It wasn’t long ago that we faced a new low for the stock market that took us to some depths we hadn’t experienced for many years. But these tips can help you navigate through the volatility.

Ask Mr. CC: For more money saving tips, check out these money strategies for the recession. What can you do when the market is down? Apparently, plenty!

The Financial Blogger: Are you Canadian? Well even if you aren’t, you may still be interested in checking out this list of top 10 Canadian dividend stocks. The Canadian stock market has done well since March 2009, rising 40% in that period (the U.S. markets pulled something similar too, if not better); some of the dividend stocks do look sweet, with a couple offering 5% in dividend yields.

One Mint: Checking up on China’s hottest IPOs, you may find this one interesting: one of China’s biggest drug distributors had an IPO with an offering that was extremely oversubscribed. Seems like China’s IPO market is still going on strong and the bubble is alive and well.

Len Penzo: So are we going to have high inflation in our future? Len bets that we will (well, so do I!). He thinks we can potentially approach inflation in the double digits. If so, then this may be a relatively good thing for those carrying debt. If you’re a debtor, root for high inflation!

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