Side Jobs, No Emergency Fund and Low Interest Rates

I had a long day, but I managed to find the time to check out some great articles! Here are a few I enjoyed this week:

Personal Finance Reads

Investing Toolkit: Most of us are pretty familiar with index funds, but do you know what actually constitutes a stock market index? This article covers some basics on this investment concept.

Banker, Saver: Low interest rates and poor investment performance are a couple of realities that face our finances today. It’s a tough financial environment for us all, so how are you coping? I’m still hanging in there!

The Frugal Duchess: Here are some tips from Sharon about which financial documents you should think of shredding and which you should actually keep. She urges us to create an organizational system and sticking to it.

Living Almost Large: LAL asks the question: what if you don’t have an emergency fund? There are some great insights in this article about how to handle the situation when you don’t have savings put aside for unexpected events.

Master Your Card: I enjoyed this article on 12 side hustles to stay afloat. If you’re down on cash, there are some creative ways to still generate it! How about participating in medical trials or donating blood?

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